GA v. Hannah Payne

Is anyone else following this case?

A brief summary:

n 2019, Hannah Payne witnessed a hit-and-run accident. She called 911 to report the crash — but instead of following instructions from dispatchers — she allegedly followed one of the drivers involved in the crash, Kenneth Herring, and demanded he return to the scene. Payne then allegedly fatally shot the man as he sat in the driver’s seat of his car. The 25-year-old is charged with malice murder, two counts of felony murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and three counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Hannah Payne has recently taken the stand in her own defense.

In my opinion, Hannah Payne should be found guilty of felony murder.

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Just 'cause someone has a gun does not make them a cop, even if they’ve attended a CCW class and have a CCW permit. They are not cops with arrest powers.


I completely agree.

I’ve been following this case for a few months now and the facts appear to be in evidence.

One of the questions that immediately come to mind is:

Would Hannah Payne have felt so emboldened to chase down this driver had she not recently been issued her CCW, with the knowledge that she now had a firearm and could “legally” dispense justice as she saw fit?

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In my opinion, this is not an error in judgement, but a sort of mental illness. This is Michael Drejka’s metal profile. Hope she gets psych treatment in prison and has a long time away from public.


Can somebody explain to me why all those charges and how to interpret them?

- two counts of felony murder

Why 2 counts if she shot one man?

- malice murder

Why another murder charge? Wasn’t it the same murder?

- aggravated assault

- false imprisonment

Why false if “citizen arrest” is legal?

- three charges of weapons possession during a crime.

Why 3 charges for one weapon?


I’m still not familiar with all the justice system details


That is interesting there are so many charges. Especially when most long time violent criminals can break dozens of laws and are let off on one or two minor charges.

While I am not familiar with the particulars of this case it sounds like this woman went way too far in trying to perform some sort of citizen’s arrest. All she needed to do was get the license plate number.


So if one charge doesn’t stick they have a backup


I think I’ll, vigorously, stir this pot! Based on what I see from the “New World Order”, perhaps we give her the keys to the city! WHOA, WHOA, WHOA

We are going down, people, and NOBODY, absolutely nobody is standing up for good guys! I’m not calling her a “good guy” or good girl, but I surely don’t see the same fervor for people like Daniel Penny :question:Or any other Good Samaritan that’s saved countless lives. Where’s the arguments for the guy who saved all the liberals in the mall shooting, don’t hear much about him :question:Or anyone that “SAVES” lives, liberals prefer bodies, it fits their narrative every single day. I’m extremely tired of it! People run down mothers with babies, old men and baby strollers get knocked out, people pushed on train tracks, shall I go on?, when everyone starts screaming about that, I’ll take away the keys from her! But until then, if I’m on that jury…well :question:

I understand that vigilantism is not the way to play the game, but holy crap, the rules of engagement have changed! Not for the better!

I would prefer to hear her testimony and then get all fired up! Had she listened to the instructions, the hit and run driver would be given the keys to the city, no bail, best of all, no time served, then he would do it again and again and again. I’m going to say it, that’s crime prevention! Welcome to the Biden world! He created this mess! We are seeing it EVERYDAY! Evil is triumphant daily!

I’m not condoning her actions, but something’s gotta give!
As a society, we are off the rails!

Why does everyone in the court room look like they want to kill her ?

Hope there’s a forensic expert nearby, according to her testimony, her finger was never on the trigger! She didn’t run from the scene…


What guy or mall shooting? Is he being charged with crimes? The one that comes to my mind Elisjsha Dicken who broke no laws, was charged with no crimes, and I know his name off the top of my head.

But saved all the liberals probably isn’t him because that was in Indiana which is a red state.


There are many laws on the books. Each count is a different law. That is the way I see it. Having so many laws is the answer to why we have so many laws. We could probably consolidate them but why¿

Wasn’t exactly the point!
The point is crime is legal and defending oneself isn’t.
It shouldn’t matter what state you reside. The guy from kalifornia who defended himself quite legally and by the book, lost the right to carry and defend himself while bad guys are lying in wait !


I think we don’t hear as much about that guy because his defensive shooting was legal and no charges were filed. But I do hear about him, Flannel Daddy aka Garand Thumb aka Mike actually did a drill on his channel named after him


He is not going to the mall printing this bad!

If I was on that jury, I would vote not guilty for the simple fact that someone has to enforce the law. The police aren’t doing it. In fact they look for ways to let the criminal go free. This is only going to escalate until the gubment decides to fully enforce the laws as written. Drop political ideology and fairly apply the laws across the board.


Modern day lynching!

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Shooting and killing someone in their car because they fled a hit and run isn’t enforcing the law


No offense to @William191 & @Scott52 , kind of make me wonder why criminals are going free. Depending or who one asks we don’t know who the criminals are anymore(no more).


It makes us all wonder why brother.


Actually we do!

They condone all the violence and the destruction of the country!
They made young impressionable minds want to hate this country and everything it stands for.
First class criminals ( pictured ).
The ones on the street are the 2nd rate pawns in their game!


Most USCCA members should realize that what Hannah Payne did was WAY beyond the bounds of reasonable force, and the guilty verdict that resulted was both expected and understandable.

I would sincerely hope that Hannah Payne’s actions aren’t endorsed and/or encouraged within this law-abiding community, and I’m astonished that senior USCCA legal experts haven’t weighed in by now, especially in light of the unanimous guilty verdict.

What Hannah Payne did was colossally STUPID, and if any USCCA member did what she did, then I would fully expect USCCA to deny coverage.