Friday Feedback: Information at your fingertips

If you’re a USCCA Member, you hopefully know that there are a lot of resources related to your education, training and legal protection benefits in your USCCA Dashboard.

What items do you regularly use there?

As we continue to grow and improve, we’d also love to know what’s important for you to have at your fingertips in your USCCA Dashboard.

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What I would want is a way to get the USCCA to put some training days into the deep South and then some Instructor training. USCCA will be close enough next year in Nashville for next year so hopefully as part of their site prep they will sprinkle some training down this way.


I enjoy every resource either via the app or the website, the training articles, videos, and community feedback are the resources I value and use the most.


I use the reciprocity map a lot to help answer community members’ questions about laws in their states. It may lead me down another rabbit hole but it is a great starting point for other research.


I use the community the most. The map when I travel.


I’m with Aaron, community and map the most.


I don’t know if this is the correct format to ask a
question. A small group of men in our neighborhood have started a conversation about
starting a neighborhood crime watch group. It
has initially been my idea because of the state of
affairs in our Country, State, City, and neighborhood. As far as I know I’m the only one
who is a USCCA member and has a concealed
carry permit. If we have success in setting up a
meeting with the Rome Georgia chief of police,
is it advised to asK about concealed carry on patrols
in the neighborhood? I started the conversation
with two other men and we are just in the discussion phase. There is the presence of housing projects about 2 miles from our neighborhood. There has been burglaries in our
neighborhood over the years. When our son was
young, 2 of his bicycles were stolen out of our
carport. Now with the violence and destruction in
major cites, I am certain it won’t be long before
it comes to neighborhoods and we have a huge
election coming up. Rome, Ga is a small city of
about 35,000+ or -. We have a good but understaffed PD. I attended a City of Rome Police
Academy about 3 yrs ago and learned a lot about
our PD. I have been online and read about several
organizations that function nationally to help set
up these watches. I would like to know if you
have info that would be helpful and if it is
Legal to carry concealed while on these watches?
Just needed your guidance although the Rome PD
probably has rules.
I would appreciate your response.
Don Black
private information removed for Don51’s personal protection. ~Moderator

Way to much personal info there my friend. This is an open to the public forum.


@Don51 as long as you are following state law, it would be legal to carry as a neighborhood watch. The PD may have policies against that for their watch program but that would not be a violation of the law.

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