Friday Favorite: Item in your range bag?

Ear protection.

I took my fiancee’s family to the range once. I made sure everyone had their ears on, and then took a shot with an 18" AR-15 in .223 Wylde (5.56 FMJ). I forgot to put on mine. Instant regret. Had to force myself to not drop the gun to cover my ears out of instinct…


Blue tooth ears (when shooting alone)

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Probably my hole covering and target placing masking tape. It is the stupidest single point of failure to ruining some range time when for some reason it’s not in the bag.

Rudy Project shooting glass with photo chromatic lenses and three different lens colors.

My serious response has to be “my daughter’s guns”, because that means she is at the range with me and she’s my best shooting buddy. Not so good she makes me look bad, not so bad she makes me look bed, and always good company.


Great tool love mine

Has to be my Walker electronic ear muffs. Just bought a new pair with a 27 db rating.


I dont think I have a favorite thing. If it is in there it is something I figure I need to have there.


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Let’s call it one thing…with 22 parts :slight_smile:


Yes, I was teasing him. He brings a bagful of fun with him. :grin:

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Speed loader! Plus many mags!!! I had a fellow visit the other night to shoot and give him a little pistol training. He had never been exposed to a speed loader! We have 2!

Also extra batteries for hearing protection.

Considering all the new ppl flooding the range… have to say my new favorite item is the RMT hanging from my bag:

Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet

I know they’re supposed to have us covered… but honestly, I prefer knowing that I could apply one of these one-handed inside of the 5-8 minute window if bullets bounce around.

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I would have to also say my loader it makes life so much easier and it definitely makes emptying those magazines that much better

I have one pocket in every range bag I own full of disposable ear plugs. Amazing how often I find folks who need them.


My backpack is my favorite thing. It’d be a pita to carry everything without it!

Which one do you have, @Levi2? I’m debating getting a backpack for my next range bag :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure, really. I bought it at a garage sale for a dollar. I’ll get a picture when I get back to the house.

My multi tool. I dont know how many times that has saved either my range session or another shooter’s. Its just an allen wrench set that also has small screwdrivers.

@Dawn, this is my dollar backpack. It holds my tools, cleaning supplies, several pistols, a few cases of ammunition, choke tubes, small first aid and ifak, a knife or three, my safety gear, a couple bottles of water, and a can of disposable earplugs

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How about … “one set of 22”?