Friday Favorite: Gun Cleaning Brands

A lot of firearm enthusiasts love to clean their firearms – and a lot of us don’t. However, we all can agree that we like certain brands better than others when we’re cleaning our guns. But that doesn’t mean we agree on one brand!

What is your go-to brand for gun cleaning supplies?

  • Ballistol
  • Birchwood
  • Bore Tech
  • Breakfree
  • Dynacraft
  • Hoppe’s
  • Hornady
  • Lucas
  • Pro Shot
  • Radcolube
  • Real Avid
  • Remington
  • Riptide
  • Shooters Choice
  • Slip
  • Other? Share your choice below

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Do you use different brands for different guns?

only vote for 1? I wanted to click the top 3. Ballistol after the Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber, and a little bit of Hoppes for bore “real cleaning” day and oil in key places.
Just bought a 36" carbon fiber cleaning rod, think I can clean bores on 9 pistols simultaneously now :rofl:


Started with Hoppe’s, Remington then Ballistol now very big fan of MPro-7 system plus Wilson Combat lubes, grease and spare parts. Still use the aforementioned for deep yearly cleanings, in addition to the Hoppe’s “high” and the Ballistol “buzz”.
Much of my cleaning takes place indoors. No odors from MPro-7.

I just picked up some Shooter Lube. We’ll see how it goes — don’t need to start that discussion again. I was using Sig’s Spec1 kit, but the bottles all disgorged when I was traveling and changed elevation from 7,200’ to 700’ and back again.

Not single product for cleaning.
Main - OTIS Technology CLP.
But I also use Ballistol, Hoppe’s and Hornady.


I’m also a big fan of Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube II universal bore cleaner and than using their Ultima-Lube II Universal Oil. I enjoy using these in combination with one another because the cleaner easily removes stubborn carbon build up (remember to clean as soon after firing to make the process easier) and the oil works very well for staying where you apply it as well as lasts a long time before re-application is necessary. Here are the link to the products for their full descriptions:

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I seen a lot of quality on that list!

But, if I just had to answer that question…

A question would then be raised back…What gun?

Call me flat crazy but certain weapon gets certain attention.

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Just like @Scott52 I appreciate the non-odor from MPro-7. It cleans very well and I also use their gun oil. For spots I use grease, I use SLIP

StrikeHold is the best cleaner I’ve ever used.

IMHO Hoppe’s Elite cleans better than the original. Other great products, in no particular order, are Ballistol, Patch Out, REM oil, Slip2000, Break-Free CLP, and Hornady One Shot. They all have a time and place.

Only product I use anymore: Mil-Comm

Good point!

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Outers, mostly.

Shooters Lube and CLP

I like GunFighters