Fortress gun safes recalled

61,000 gun safes recalled after shooting death of 12-year-old (



That’s something we could expected… sooner or later.
If I remember we had discussion about biometric method used for firearms and safes two years ago or so…

Nothing good comes from fingerprints. More sophisticated lock, more chances it will fail.
The first time I found problem with fingerprints getting access to my phone I decided to never use such method with anything related to firearms. :triumph:


“Fortress” Gun Safes Recalled.

I have to say their name is ironic for such a recall.


I still don’t trust biometrics yet when it comes to self defense tools. But it sounds like these locks were more poorly designed than most.

Of course this being an MSN article they have to throw in the intentionally misleading studies claiming high numbers of “children” being killed in recent years. To get to these numbers the researchers include 18 and 19 year olds many if not the vast majority of whom died in gang related incidents. Not to mention many of the 13-17 year olds who were also involved in gang related shootings. A very different picture than the sweet innocent 5 year old the anti self defense organizations are trying to make everyone envision when they tell us about all the “children” harmed by firearms.

I’m not trying to belittle child firearm safety. Even the small number of accidental child deaths are a huge tragedy. Which is why the anti self defense crowd should be directing their efforts to making sure children get the safety training and knowledge they need instead of waisting all their time spreading fear, ignorance and misinformation.


A great reminder to ALWAYS consider the source.


BAN the studies for goodness sake!
Ban Leftist Media!
We do what we need to do to straighten our ship out!
But, I won’t rely on unsound ‘Security’ measures if my access to my home
my car my safe (I don’t have one and won’t—I have a SAFE ROOM !)
Can compromise my families safety! I’d sure hate to die pressing a button and
my Safe won’t open…
My phone also locked me out recently do you think over two weeks time
my finger print changed? Stupid Technology, unreliable so far!

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This really sounds like piss poor decisions on software design, and instructions.

After the battery is installed, there should be no default to open fer cryin out loud.


Gotta make it easier for the atf and fbi. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


BRUCE, You are such a Conspiracy Theorist !

(I like that!)

do you like this style of communicating Sir, Maybe if i am compliant I won’t draw as many TROLLS.





Seems So, Seems So…

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