Force on force training gear

Hello! I would like to inquire about the “firearm” being used often in the USCCA training/demo videos. Typically a glock-style design with blue marking to indicate it is probably using some type of simunitions?
If anyone knows specifics I look forward to finding that info on future comments.

My name is Brad Anderson. One of my many jobs is being a tactical firearm instructor for a small school that operates in Southern California and Las Vegas area. We received training under the late Commander Paul Castle and became certified to teach a shooting system he calls “Center Axis Relock”.
Aside from the various courses we teach, we also qualify Orange County residents for their CCW permit requirements. I firmly believe that without some level of training, a firearm owner is a liability to themselves and their family. If you’ve got the gun, learn how to run it.

Training with targets is essential to hone your basic skills. Speed of your draw, accuracy of hits on target, and effectively identifying and clearing stoppages when they occur. The one major thing missing is the added pucker factor of actually being shot at. Trying to hit your targets while moving off the line of incoming fire would add a whole new level to the experience. I am aware of three versions of simulated weapons. Airsoft, “real action” paintball, and simunitions. I actually own both an airsoft version and a “real action” paintball version of my primary sidearm, a Walther P99. These replicas fit all my duty gear and operate very similar to the actual weapon (take magazines, operating slide with blowback). However the only use I have ever gotten from these two training weapons is target plinking in a small Orange County backyard. I have yet to investigate finding an outdoor range that serves the type of force on force training I am looking for. Lastly when it comes to simunitions like I see on USCCA training vids, I am uncertain of how or if they can even be purchased here with California’s strict laws (Can’t even ship a toy that looks like a pistol to CA using amazon). If I CAN obtain a true kit to use simunitions, and if there IS a facility in SoCal that I and friends can run-and-gun, then buddy sign me up because I want to know how effective I am when I know taking a training round is probably going to sting! I would like opinions from those of you who have had any type of force on force experience. Be it actual training with simunitions, or just a group of friends who know the best of the best airsoft/paint marker gear. I have a range and can build a shoot-house. I want ideas on what to arm ourselves with which can send us home with some experiences of a firefight and possibly a few bumps and bruises to prove it. I appreciate the feedback.


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There are plenty of options for this training, but like it simple and not expensive. For me force-on-force is more about tactics than real feeling of the firearm.
I’ve been using Airosft handgun (CZ P07) which is the closest to my carry pistol.
The most important is you personal protection, so the parts of my outfit are:

  • hat
  • shooting glasses
  • mask mesh to protect face and ears
  • neck & throat protector
  • gloves
  • cup
  • two layers of garment: inside ->tight, outside ->loose

I train with my friends outside the range facilities [my local ranges don’t like force-on-force training], mostly somebody’s backyard or field with trees, bushes, wood piles.

I strongly recommend such training… even single session… to anyone who thinks is able to pull the trigger and not be hit the same time. :zipper_mouth_face:
I found the simplest scenario, like walking on the street and drawing on the person who is drawing on you, very instructive. Everything turns to be different from what we are expecting… :lying_face:


@Bradley67 Welcome to the community :us: :us: :us:

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