Paintball as a training tool?


The rules of firearm safety are pretty clear and include never point a gun at something you’re not willing to destroy. I 100% agree with the firearm safety rules but shooting at a paper target doesn’t give you the same experience you’ll go through with self-defense.

I’ve done laser tag, but the lack of negative reinforcement when you’re hit takes some of the adrenaline and nervous energy out of the equation. So that’s got me wondering about paintball… I’ve never done it.

Is paintball a very light-weight simulation of self-defense with a firearm? How much do paintballs hurt? (I’ve seen the resulting welts.)

What are your thoughts on paintball as a training tool?

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Airsoft works good also. A lot of airsoft guns look and feel like the real counterpart, so, you could use existing holster, belts, etc. for training. And they sting a little too.

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I’m a Navy boy, did a little training with the Marines using paintballs. Its all about the training, but using “live” ammo never hurts. Well, actually, it does… You have to treat it mentally as if they were real, lethal rounds. Paintballs induce a feeling of fun. Get past that, take it seriously, and you will see good results.

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Look up Las Vegas gun fights at Full contact simunition 360 arena

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I was my brothers target as a child


Wear the proper safety gear and it should not be too painful. I do NOT recommend playing in the back yard in a tee shirt. If you are on a closed course (not the anyone can join areas) and you are with people that are also serious about training I think there is something to be gained.


As a training tool airsoft would suit someone better. Paintball tactics and equipment are more video game like vs real life like.

Best and worst of both worlds do force on force with simulation rounds.


I’m more of an airsoft guy for CQB distances. Things like bullet drop and accuracy are a non-issue. And if you don’t cheat by wearing things like heavy coats and gloves the little bastards hurt. You’d be amazed at the things you can learn with force on force training in a shoot house using simunitions or airsoft. Another reason I like airsoft is you can get a clone of just about any of the popular pistols and rifles in airsoft. All the mag releases, slide catches and safetys are identical. The only thing that really changes with this and live fire are recoil and sound.


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