Friday Favorite: Plastic Training Gun

There are many training tools for your off-range practice, one of the favorites is a training gun. They’re plastic replicas of a variety of carry firearms that can be used for all sorts of different training at home.
Here’s an article about Blue Guns and a link to Sirt Pistol’s page - both are very popular plastic training firearms.

Blue Guns

SIRT Pistols Sirt offers a discount for USCCA Members, check out their offer on your USCCA Dashboard.

What is your favorite plastic training gun?


They are a godsend when trying a new holster or carry style for the first time..”

So true! ^^^^

While I do not own one, my range does when purchasing a new holster.

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I selected a SIRT pistol (2018) because they had one that closely modeled by daily carry gun (still a little undersized but it works). Also, I purchased some USCCA training a few years back that incorporated the SIRT pistol so it was helpful to have from that aspect also.


I stopped using plastic guns next day I started using them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Blue gun is OK. For “Basic firearm” classes this is a great tool. However the next day you want real gun in your hand :slightly_smiling_face:
My “Basic firearm” Instructor had training Glock (red/black) which was functioning almost as real pistol. It had removed firing pin and closed barrel. That tool was way better than piece of blue plastic.
I could learn reloading, racking the slide, feel trigger and reset…

I tried SIRT and it didn’t worked for me. Returned it next morning. Real firearm with laser cartridge has been the best tool so far for any type of training, dry fire, drills.

But this is me… I just don’t like fake stuff…:no_mouth:


Out of the blue I got this email that told you how to set up an in-home training range. The guy said he liked to use airsoft guns, and I had seen blowback airsoft guns prove useful in some training scenarios, so I got a Blowback Airsoft Walther PPQ, not noticing that it was a full-sized pistol, while my CCP is a compact.


Anyway, it might still prove useful.


:shushing_face: I wasn’t sure if that would a proper to tell …
…but my very first training (that was a magical 30 days waiting time for FOID) was a Beretta APX BB gun. I setup a target on concrete wall in my basement and shot from 30 feet. I was collecting every ball so had unlimited ammo :slightly_smiling_face:
That was TRANING… however not PLASTIC gun :relieved:
Actually I see now that BB gun was great choice as first “firearm”. I learn all “You Tube” tricks, drills and found how to use both eyes weeks before had my first real pistol. :grinning:

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We use red guns when training inside the church. At times, we use real weapons with large bright colored flex ties through the breach and barrel to assure the weapons remain safe through training with rifles.