FNH FNP-40 Questions

This is a shot in the dark (pun intended), but maybe someone has some insight into this.

I have access to 2 polymer frame 40 S&W pistols. One is a Beretta PX4 Storm (full size), the other is a Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FNH) FNP-40. The Beretta in 40 S&W handles and recoils like a 9mm. The FNP is very top heavy and has a lot of recoil. I mentioned the Beretta because a lot of people would tell me it’s just the nature of the 40 S&W. I have shot Sig P226 in 9mm, Beretta M9 (exposed barrel) in 9mm, the PX4 Storm in 40 S&W, and the FNP-40 back to back, and the FNP-40 has remarkably more recoil.

FN has replaced the FNP-40 with the FNX-40. As far as I have been able to research, the only difference is the FNX-40 has a lighter slide – don’t know if they use the same recoil spring. Some people think the barrel axis is lower, but most say that is only applicable comparing the 45 caliber.

I am looking for some feedback from anyone that has shot the FNP-40 and FNX-40 and can provide some subjective comments mainly on recoil. I could care less about decocker, safety, magazine release, etc.

The reason I am asking the question is I really like the pistol, but with a little arthritis settling into these old hands, I find shooting this one becomes brutal after not many rounds. If the FNX does indeed reduce recoil, then I am considering milling a couple of ounces out of the slide.

Talk to your gunsmith about trying a heavier or different style recoil spring.

The lighter slide model all else being equal should have more felt recoil not less because the weight of the slide itself acts as a recoil buffer/counter weight.

I can’t comment on either pistol. However, if the slide on the FNX is lighter, then they would probably be running a heavier recoil spring. Like WildRose said, all being equal, the lighter slide (and lighter gun), should produce more felt recoil. Your perception could be more. For the FNP, you could try a heavier spring for recoil to help.