M&P 40 4" vs Full Size Recoil?Muzzle Flip?

I recently shot an M&P40 2.0 full size (4.25" and full grip). I was very impressed. Does anyone know if the 4" model has any more noticable perceived recoil or muzzle flip? I’m thinking that the 4" (and shorter grip) might be better for occasional carry, but the exoerience at the range with the full size was exactly what I was looking for (handling wise).

This would be my dedicated bedstand and range gun, but with the option for CC. It would be replacing another full size (different brand) which has a full size grip and 4" barrel. Anyone have experience with both?

I’m not an M&P guy, but 1/4 inch barrel shouldn’t make much if any difference. The issue is grip length, (less to hold on to). You could always use extended mags for range/ home to give a similar grip to the full size and a shorty for cc. .40 tends to be snappy but that may have the best of both worlds that way.

Update: Cabela’s had a sale on one FS model w/thumb safety. Just finished paperwork and now waiting the 72 hour waiting period. :smiley: