New 40 Cal owner w/questions

Greetings Y’all
Tuesday I bought a 40 caliber Carbine from my nephew and haven’t fired it yet, how is the recoil compared to a 9mm? Just curious… excited for the weekend opportunity to fire it TY


That’s a hard question to answer specifically but shooting a .40 vs a 9mm pistol is a little more challenging. For instance shooting a Glock 26 compared to a Glock 27 the recoil is a little easier to deal with from the 26 than the 27. The difference shooting a G22 v a G19 is less significant than the subcompacts. I would think that the difference in a 9 v. 40 carbine would be negligible.


As Mike stated, shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve found that pistol rounds from a carbine are almost always mild compared to rifle rounds, and I’m shooting .44 Mag and .357 Mag.


First congratulations on not bending to the derision and “shade” cast by so many 9mm and .45ACP snobs out there and purchasing one of the finest calibers available on the market today. Their jealousy consumes them. :laughing:

As Mike and Dwayne have stated for a PCC, I think the recoil will be negligible…however the report will be quite a bit louder not AR15 pistol loud mind you…but louder (you may want to ensure your earplugs are snug before firing is all).

Have fun with it this weekend!!!