Fitness and Firearms

Check out this great article by Beth about physical fitness and firearms training:

How do you stay in shape for your firearm training?


I do regular dry firing for few minutes, than 10 push-ups, 10 squats and next dry fire round… believe me, after physical exercises it really hard to hit target :roll_eyes:
This is great practice to be prepare for good hits after running / escape.

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Beth is a 6’2" version of the energizer bunny. I don’t think a six year old could keep up with her for a week.


For physical fitness, I walk and swim with my family. Also, my job is very physical. I manually load semis, some up to the legal limit DOT will allow to go down the road. As far as being in shape, and accurately using a gun, I can walk a mile in full hunting gear, and hit a whitetail at 80 yards with a double action revolver. Is it the same as a defense scenario, no. Is it good physical conditioning, absolutely. Could I get into better shape, ABSOLUTELY!

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Cherry pickers and lots of them. Did these in the army and civilian law enforcement. Best excessive. Just hold your arms out straight to your side straight no limo arms. And open and close your hands like your picking cherries. Also take a coin nickle dime penny I don’t care put it on your sights laying flat and dry fire. If the coin fails you fail if you can do this and it not fall good you pass. Remember breathing trigger squeeze and grip is the fundamentals of shooting. Take your gun not a weight and just hold it out at the fire position while watching tv or sitting in the couch. You don’t have to muscle a gun to shoot it. Unless your a cop or soldier your not going to be holding a gun out for long. Instead of sitting on this forum train. Rember train to fight, fight to see another day. Do what you want exercise wise. Just remember if a our of shape person can shoot you anyone can. Instead focus on training I can’t stress this enough. 3000 repetions at least to build muscle memory. If you do cardio also great that will help with your breathing. Remember shots up and down a target center mass is breathing. Shooting left or right of center mass is trigger squeeze and hand placement. Work on your basic shooting fundamentals.

Physical Fitness is a great way to handle the recoil of a Winchester Ranger 40cal. 180 Grain T Series. So I weight train, ride a bike and I like going for walks and just think I was in a wheelchair for six years and the past four years I started to walk a little at first, and now I walk 3 miles a day and ride my bike up to 10 miles a day. PS. I started Martial Arts at 65 years old. I’m not going to gave up. I got my second wheelchair after five years and have not use it.

I am very physically active, as my profession requires. I love doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and incorporating it with some type of self-defense. When involved in a high stressful situation; everything from verbal altercation to lethal force, the psychological, physical and physiological effects on the body can be tremendous. These effects cannot be replicated in training. The closest we can get to this is through some type of “stress inoculation” training. The next best thing is physical fitness; elevating the heart rate to ±145 bpm, then immediately implement the shooting fundamentals (dry fire) and critical thinking process. The end goal of this training is to enhance my response to stressful situations and imprint solutions into my subconscious.