We all know it,but do we do it?

In the past,recent or otherwise,Do you remember when you used to shoot hoops or play football,or wrestle,or bike or some physical exercise.
Then one day maybe we played on an organized and coached team. Football,basketball,Army,Navy,Airforce,or maybe those other guys( the few,the proud the…) ( Ya gotta laugh). The police,SS,Or some three letter group

The point is remember how coaches and trainers would wear you out,even at the Zumba class. Remember how you went to class or practice all fresh,and could barely controll your ability to walk or grab a drink after a bit of exercise.

Remember how every basket went in the hoop before practice,and you could barely make one out of ten those first few practices??

Carrying a weapon is more than being able to hit a target when everything is waiting on you. Or to state another way- when you have complete control of your fine and gross motor skills.

Do you(exercising due care) perhaps briskly walk from your car to the range- to raise that blood pressure

Or perhaps ( with all weapons down and pointed Ina safe direction) do a few deep knee bends at the line before shooting( care is required and responsibility,getting wobbly on a firing line is irresponsible and dangerous)

Do you practice dry firing at home, while moving around the house,or at night as if just woken up( dry firing) with the lights off?

While most encounters may not last long,physical shape and weapons control,coupled with accuracy may make all the difference.

Even just walking or doing jumping jacks in the living room and then practicing your draws( empty weapon or laser practice)

Do we move enough so that when pressed we can be accurate and safe. Do we seek cover and understand how safe is the cover we seek(in our house) a sheetrock wall is different than a full refrigerator in front of a door) unless maybe if it is filled with lettuce( we gotta laugh)

When you hear the scream 1) do u shelter in place with blood pressure racing. 2) do you move to the scream with blood pressure racing

The point isn’t what action we take,it’s that our blood pressure may make us incapable of hitting the side of a barn 15 feet in front of us

Do we practice for stress management,do we practice while moving. Do we refine our gross and fine motor skills to work when we need them to?

Simple question 1) Do we do it?
2) what do you do to raise the pressure and practice safely

How would you be if defending yourself after cleaning out the basement or barn or garage.

Your never called on when your really ready!

As I was reading this Toby Keith strolled through my head…

:musical_note: I ain’t as good as I once was,
But I’m as good once as I ever was…:notes:

Song there.

I don’t know that I am worried about the actions during the actual time of the event. I have been scared out of my mind and trained to the point of exhaustion so many times that my body and head automatically kick into “ICE Gear”. But that post contact adrenaline dump is a lot harder to recover from now that I’m older.




Amen,watch that heart