Firearm folks on YouTube selling snake oil information

This dude just irritated me—lol. I usually can ignore BS information, but this BS about 1911 got me hot.
This is my one rant for 2024. He said with the trigger being this light, I should probably use the thumb safety, lol. He did not even mention the grip safety.


Yeah. I wish he would have discussed the grip safety on this vid. Would have made a lot of sense to include it.

I liked this video, and those I’ve seen of him before, a few, he’s new to me. The one’s I’ve seen of his seem geared more to newcomers per se.

To me, does relate to some other interesting topics, such as carrying chambered, un-chambered, carrying safety on or off, double Vs single action, and muscle memory.

I do view a different presenter much more who is one of my “faves”, but I was shocked when I saw him sweep his whole body with a muzzle several times, I still cannot believe it. Yet, I still watch him, and learn lots of tips.



I agree we can all learn from each other. That is why I continue to watch videos. Training and more training— I love to learn and refine my skills. But Damt, this dude hit a hot spot. lol


There are always different opinions about 1911/2011 trigger and safety levers.

But the truth is that this pistol was designed this way and it will stay this way forever. You may like it or not. :upside_down_face:

It is not a true statement that this model has light trigger. Everything depends how the leaf spring is adjusted. My carry 2011 has 4lb trigger and I’m using thumb safety… because it is a hammer fired pistol, not because of its trigger :kissing:.
My second carry firearm - WC SFX (1911DS) doesn’t have grip safety… because it is not needed if you know what are you doing with the firearm. Trigger pull is 3 lb … but this is how it was setup.
Light trigger doesn’t mean easy trigger press. To press the trigger, first - you have to place your finger into the trigger guard. And that is very complicated procedure carrying 1911 / 2011 a proper way.
Anyway - good video with different point of view. This is his opinion and even I do not agree with everything he said… I still can accept his thinking.


I carry a government alchemy custom weaponry.

1911 and 2011is what I have been carrying for long time.

I feel he lacks the experience/understanding of a 1911/2011


I was born with a 1911 in my hands. He’s just not worthy!
Standard M1911 trigger pull is 3.5 - 4.5 #’s ( for those unworthy )
that’s pounds # ). FYI, it wasn’t until 2009 that the number/pound sign became a “hashtag”. In addition it was in 1911 that the thumb safety was added, the grip safety was always there!

If you don’t know how to use it, I’m quoting a White House SQUATTER, “ “DON’T.”


all day every day–1911


no thumb safety? :scream: :scream: :scream:

A 2024-06-19 22-40-53

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Stop it :laughing: :rofl: :joy: :joy_cat: :laughing:


nonambi, its on the other side :rofl:

The original Colt 1899-1900 did not have a grip safety. The grip safety was added at the request of US Calvary officers. Back when they were still horse mounted they wanted the grip safety to prevent possible accidental discharge into the horse while riding. Its stuck around and been improved ever since


That’s why many of new 1911, especially double stack, models are made without grip safety.
Nobody is riding horses with 1911 anymore :slightly_smiling_face:

Many of 2011 shooters permanently pin grip safety or use rubber band to disable it… I’m actually not fan of this…


I am not a fan of folks using bands either.


I’ve never understood that. If you are positively gripping the pistol as you should depressing the grip safety shouldn’t even be an issue. you should be doing it naturally anyway. Im not a fan of the old GI style blade grip safety tails and hammer setups. If you got meaty hands that hammer will bite ya lol


Hard to understand logic with disabling grip safety.
I always tell people - if manufacturer made it that means it’s needed. If you don’t like it, find the model without grip safety.

I can understand people experiencing issues with grip safety when the lever is too small or badly designed… but all 1911 / 2011 pistols made these days get grip safety perfectly designed and modeled to human’s hand.