Watch "Springfield TRP Operator 45 ACP: I was wrong about this gun" on YouTube

I just bought this gun!!


Congrats, that is a great pistol👍

I have my reservations about the reviewer. First, I don’t understand why anybody would rate a 45ACP he’s never seen nor shot at the bottom of a comparison of 10mm pistols. Second, most 1911 owners cringed when he dropped the slide on an empty chamber after he had just bragged it had Wilson Combat upgrades :thinking:


Same here, I could only get less than half-way through his “review”, too many stupid comments, etc., just like what you pointed out. He proves “reviewer” is not synonymous with “expert”.

I’m sure we all take reviews with a grain of salt, but if you watch reviews to confirm or rule out a purchase, watch a lot. This guy said “I did a video where I ranked the top 41 45acp pistols, and I ranked the trp at #32. After getting my hands on one, it would be much higher.” He ranks and reviews without using one? That said, it looks to be a very nice piece. @GhostDragon907 , nice purchase!!


I have had one for years and is one prized possessions. Love mine.

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Much like modern Journalism.
Gotta get the story out before having any facts.

Half the reviewers on you tube for anything have not actually used the product they are shilling or trying to denigrate.

You really have to check several sources if you are considering a purchase based on reviews. The truth is somewhere in the middle and can often times take awhile to find.