First 1911

Here is my 1st 10mm 1911!!!


That looks really great :+1:

Now you just have to take it apart, clean it, lube it, and reassemble :smiley:

If you have not reassembled 1911 before, and don’t want the dreaded “idiot scratch”, watch a video before putting the slide release back in. I personally don’t care and it seems like no matter how experienced you are, it’s gonna happen sooner or later.

I’ve never used one of those bushing tools. Curious to see if you like it.

Edit: here is a video, idiot scratch avoidance starts around 3:30 into it


No matter how good or gentle you might be, there’s still a chance.
Be patient, it will snap in eventually!


So, when I picked it up from my FFL ( 28 year USMC Veteran ). He asked if Ive ever had one, a 1911.

Uhm, nope.

He then disassembled it. The spring shot out and the pin flew away. He then grabbed both pieces after finding them on the ground. Put it back together, but it took a while. He eneded up having to use the tool after he said he never used one before…but new gun and it was tight. Put it together then realized the slide catch wasnt lined up. Took it apart again then, bingo, got it together.

I watched him and realized that I will watch a vidoe to put it back together for sure. Hopefully I wont get the scratch onnot bit if I do, its part of the learning process. imo

Thanks for the attched video. I will use it for sure. Going to go shoot it tomorrow, as well as a new IWI Masada, my 590S Mossberg, and the Winchester ( 30-30 ), my AR15 223 Wylde, and AR15 22Mag, and some more 9mm handguns!!! Its going to be a great day.


To funny…patience is not a virtue I was blessed with. I will try and be patient and watch many videos while cleaning it.


I’ve got a good news and bad news for you.

Good one:
You have already seen how not to remove recoil spring from 1911, so you don’t need to watch your ceiling anymore.

Bad one:
I’ve got a serial number from your handgun… now I can stamp it on another one… and… :dizzy_face:
Just kidding… but remember - this Community is a public one and everyone can see this number.
Never trust Internet and people on the other side of the monitor…

Congrats on your first 1911 pistol. Now you are sold to this platform. :love_you_gesture:


Aaah, okay…crap…does it come through now?


Too late, he has already taken a screen shot of your serial number and has begun mass producing them. :grinning:


Awesome, maybe he can send me 5 more of them. That way after I get the scratch on it from cleaning it and can replace them each time!!!


You can barely see it. If your like me, you know it is there.


You can post those pictures, they were really great. If you know how to edit pictures, do this, then post them. If you don’t know how to do this, cover the serial number with piece of electrical tape and make a pictire again.



yeah… too late… :rofl:

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LOVE 10mm 1911s. Looking forward to your range report :+1::+1:


Maybe I can get in on the action and make some extra $$$$.


I will let you know how it goes. Could only get two boxes of 50 rounds…expensive as well. $49.00…


Yeah, Ive got to do that better next time…edit my photot. At least I wasnt naked in a mirror!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I wouldn’t worry as much about the scratch as I would about flying springs. Definitely wear safety glasses! Not kidding.
I have a 4” bbl and a 22 pound spring. Those things can fly.
Now I use 22 lb flat wire spring, much easier to maneuver than the original.
My hands aren’t what they used to be. Keeping that thing in check after a full day of shooting has become a challenge!
I make sure one of my grandsons are around so they can replace the spring.

That scratch on my piece, is like that pimple on the nose, can’t see the burning volcano, but it seems as if the whole world knows it’s there.


So very true. So, when my FFL took it apart the spring went flying, so I will keep safety glasses on and my finger over it for sure!!!


Just keep me in with the extra $$$ you make…uhm, please :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: :cry:

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That’s why you photo the scratched side! :+1: