Finished 43X for EDC

Here is my finished Glock 43X project for EDC, home defense and use of the Odessa 9 suppressor.
(1) Shield Arms metal S15 magazines and their metal mag release
(2) Shield Arms 43X/48 Mag well (not all mag wells fit the Shield S15 magazine floor plate)
(3) Laser Max green guide rod laser
(4) Double Diamond 4" threaded barrel
(5) Factory Ameraglo night sights
(6) Hogue grip sleeve (fits as though custom made for the mag well)

The suppressor does not interfere with the low factory sights or the Laser Max guide rod laser. I plan on only 5-7 of the 10 available baffles which means approx. 5-6 inches in length which doubles the length of the 43X but is very manageable.

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The primary carry option will be in the Craft Roto Shoulder Holster that carries the pistol in the vertical position but tilts toward the horizontal position when drawing.

I forgot to add that the color choice for the Shield Arms mag well was “Grey.” As you can tell, it is a near exact shade of the factory slide. It comes in other colors as well.


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I agree with your assessment of the Hogue grip sleeve. I have one on my P365 and it is just fantastic. It feels good and fits perfectly.

Enjoying the freedom with my 43X at a jazz festival in Salida, CO. It’s a two hour drive along the Arkansas River through the Big Horn Sheep Canyon.

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