FBI Shotgun Certification

Want to try something new and challenging? Try the FBI Shotgun Certification.
Shooting The FBI’s Shotgun Qualification - USA Carry

I will post my results when I do it.
Do you think this will be something you would want to try?


My shoulder will not enjoy it


I would actually like to try this.
I have taken a couple of shotgun classes and found it to be fun. Shoulder was definitely sore after each class, but I really like the different loading scenarios.
The last class also introduced shooting non strong side which was pretty wild the amount of concentration needed.

I find shooting shottys fun.


I have never fired a shotgun. Looks something useful for self- and home defense.


Aaaah, yes, with the Mossberg 590S Tactical or the Kel-Tek KSG?


I figured the targets would look similar to honest Christian citizens! My bad.

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Honestly, those time allowances are too slow to interest me.

I’d have to see some kind of scoring system that is overall time based with points down for misses.

I’m also personally not terribly interested in doing a bunch of shotgun work on the clock starting out with a totally empty gun…that’s not really a situation likely enough for me, to be in, to give that much consideration to.

The quickest one to me looks like low ready ups at 7 yards in 3 seconds which is…not very fast.

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no can do, have to count easier to empty tube & reload a couple

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