Shooters Global

Stumbled across this app. Has potential. Let’s you accept challenges from all over. More USPSA driven but, different courses you can set up and compete against others. FWIW

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I have it too but struggling to create a stage. Hoping someone will set up the FBI Qualification course and make it public.

Needs metric target at 3 yds (6 shots), 5 yds (12 shots), 7 yds (18 shots), 15 yds (6 shots) and 25 yds (8 shots). Fingers crossed for help with this!


Hello and welcome to the community @Cynthia11! See you joined in 2020, glad you posted something.

Hello and welcome @Cynthia11

Welcome to the community @Cynthia11

I haven’t run the FBI qual since my little medical event a couple years ago. Thanks for the reminder that I need to run it again to see if I’m back to my old accuracy level yet. Unfortunately all my usual shooting spots are snowed in at the moment.

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