FBI’s Las Vegas Shooter Report, What NFA Weapons?


A friend of mine’s mother was killed in the shooting. I am still a firm believer that it was completely set up. Vegas has more cameras and security than any other city. How they didnt see him hauling everything in, to me is impossible.


I agree 100% he had so much up there how did he do it without someone noticing


I’ve played with bump stocks (when they were legal) they are a pain in the butt to make run and very uncontrollable. I listened to the video’s. I’ve been in more than my fair share of gun fights. The guns in that room were full auto, mebby not all of them but nobody with a bump stock is going to run a 90 rnd mag dry without a break. The mags in that room which pics were published of were the 60//90 round mags for IDPA et al. That whole story never smelled right.




I agree with you Craig6,it has all the trappings of a set uo,or false flag,and the shooter just happened to be conveniently taken out


True, that conversation was going no where good.


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Shawn, Since my previous post was flagged, let me simply state that your comment is demonstrably inaccurate. There’s about 40-50 MILLION (Pre covid stats) people who visit Vegas each year. Each Casino deploys high resolution cameras around their tables and gambling areas but typically has little to no surveillance around hallways or common areas where gambling doesn’t happen. Most larger casinos have thousands of guest rooms and several thousand people visiting their hotel everyday. So, please explain to me how a staff of maybe 5-10 people (who regularly watch cameras) can identify 1 person making multiple trips with luggage up to his room as anything other than normal? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even when it’s wrong.

As someone who did see the video, did help on the investigation, does know what casinos have as far as surveillance, what surveillance is available in and around vegas, and personally helped…let me simply point out that my “opinion” is based on fact, not rhetoric.

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If I’m wrong, good. In this instance, it would be, in a sense, better for me to be wrong. Still feel how I feel about it.


Erik, since you are describing yourself as a near expert on this, I think you might want to visit your number of visitors to Vegas, as I’m sure that number is in fact inaccurate.


Awesome, put a B instead of an M. 40-50 Million. The rest was accurate. The information came from the 2019 report when Vegas was seeing more people than it is due to covid. As for the rest, feel free to look for yourself.


Just saying when you hold yourself out to be an expert and question others views, do not get offended when you indicate 40-50 Billion visit Vegas as opposed to the actual 40-50 Million, thanks for correcting it!


It took 5 years to get this investigation done? Five years, and civil suites have closed AFAIK. Why so long, or did they just sit on it until the public forgot about it?

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Bud, there are a lot of things I might be considered an expert on but tourism numbers aren’t one. These flippant suggestions people make to create conspiracy where none exists because they lack any real knowledge or details on a case is tiresome.

So to anyone wondering, if you think that Vegas has every corner covered with cameras, you’d be incorrect. Police and Sheriff would love that, but to date that doesn’t exist. If you think you can track a single person out of thousands who walk in through the doors and remember them if they make more than one trip with bags…well…I invite you to try. Heck, I’d like to see if you can even spot your own spouse on some of these cameras…that’s always good for a laugh or two to spoke the needle amongst 10,000 needles.

Didn’t he have half a dozen bellhops hauling the stacks of large suitcases up to his room, and the floor he was on had the cams turned off for awhile by one of the security guys? It has been awhile since I followed it. Flustercluck, fer sher.


My name ain’t Bud, further Billions and Millions are very different numbers, finally I have not made one conspiracy comment, if you are an expert as you implied on something own it when you are wrong.


whatever you say bud. I read something from another poster (not you) and responded hastily and mistyped millions as billions. Good to know there are internet watchdogs like you hard at work catching these errors. Keep up the needed work hero!

He was referring to my ruffling of his feathers. Erik, you sound an awful lot like the government when they are trying to convince us of something they want us to believe. But then we are all allowed to have an opinion and voice it. Have a nice day.


I agree Tim,thank you we all have different opinions

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