What happens in Vegas...?

I believe that Nevada allows concealed carry inside casinos, yet I understand that many casinos don’t allow carry inside. I have heard lots of second-hand folktales about the legendary discretion and efficiency that casino security employees have shown toward licensed carriers who accidentally blundered inside a casino while carrying, but I have never heard from anyone who has actually experienced or witnessed firsthand a correction scenario inside a Las Vegas casino. Anyone have a personal account they would like to share?


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Check local laws carefully. The last time I was in NV we were told that in the City of Las Vegas, they only recognize Nevada cc permits and only the guns that were listed on the permits. When we stayed at the Luxor, we were told to check our firearms into secure storage with security. Carrying a rifle case all the way across the casino floor from the parking garage to the security desk felt strange, but I am sure we were being watched closely on cc cameras.

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Having done a little more research, Nevada law does not prohibit carry inside a casino and “no firearms” signs carry no weight. I also read that municipalities follow state firearms laws. But since casinos are private property, carriers can be asked to leave by casino staff if a casino prohibits carrying, and carriers can be arrested/prosecuted under trespass laws (misdemeanor) if they refuse. (Concealing without a valid permit in Nevada nets a felony rap). But Las Vegas being the consummate hub of good business and positive PR probably likes to avoid potentially messy arrest scenarios, thus the folklore I’ve heard about how such incidents were handled. At any rate, my interest is now really piqued to hear any firsthand stories of how casino personnel handle this situation.

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I live in Vegas. Basically many casinos, especially MGM who owns Mandalay Bay, have “no firearms” signs. These signs do not carry the weight of law, however; they can ask you to leave if caught. If you’re going to be playing and drinking, in NV you shouldn’t have it on you anyway so leave it locked in your room. If you’re not drinking, just conceal well. If you’re bringing a long gun, that will be hard to not get noticed and you’ll want to check it in.

About a month or so ago the state legislature was trying to pass AB286 (I believe that was the number) that would make those signs carry the weight of law and be able to criminally charge offenders. However that portion of the bill was stricken from the recent bill thankfully.

Unfortunately there have been shootings on the strip and they do get televised. This is a Democrat majority state so gun violence always makes the news cycle. Unfortunately over this last year all violence has increased on the strip.


I’m from Cali and would occasionally make a day trip to Reno and Tahoe. Once, I watched a concert at Reno Convention Center. I left my unloaded gun locked in the car.
I was surprised to learn that no one was checking who’s armed and who’s not when I presented my ticket.
Ah, freedom.

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Yeah, N. NV is definitely more 2A friendly. I believe a couple counties are pushing 2A Sanctuary. NV in general is trying to become CA jr.


sadly true…