FBI’s Las Vegas Shooter Report, What NFA Weapons?

Well played!


I also agree with Craigs6. Most of the rounds fired, that I heard and that were released on video, were from full-auto weapons.

Something really stinks about the reported official comments, both from that night and since then. Sadly, us mere American Citizens will probably never know the full truth.

I believe Sheriff Lombardo was a good Sheriff that got stepped on (hard) by the Feds. I feel that he (the Local Sheriff) was put in a really bad position of not being able to say what he discovered or believed really happened.

Bill, U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran, Las Vegas, Nevada


Shooter was a patsey liberal, promised riches, and a safe haven to live out his life, but earned a quick demise to lead poisoning. Besides I personally know of not a single conservative that would do that kind of thing!