4473 Feb 2023


I wonder if these changes would stop Uvalde ot the Q Club shootings, or operation Fast and Furious.


21b / c - does this apply to “the merchant of death” selling arms to “Carlos the Jackal”?
Does it apply to ANY school/mass shooter?

The dumbest questions! I’ve ever seen!

I’m a member of both, the bloods and the crips and I’m applying for membership in MS13! My colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, not in that order and not on the same day!

Guessing, 21d- Did you vote for Brandon? If yes, don’t inform dealer that you’re a convicted felon and receive 50% off your new ghost gun!
21e - do you intend on using said weapon to inflict harm against conservatives, if yes, proceed directly to cashier.
21f - do you intended to shoot up schools, movie theaters, or anywhere there are people you don’t like, proceed to ammunition desk!

Seriously, the first time I filled one out,
Are you a felon?
Are you addicted to drugs?
Are you an illegal alien?
Are you a fugitive?
Do you still beat your wife?

Please tell me Who answers YES to these questions?

Let’s just shorten the form…
Is this gun for you?
Do you plan to intentionally harm anyone?

Let’s acquire real information

What is the name of your gang_____________________
How many years have you been a member?
What are your aliases?
Did you arrive in a stolen vehicle?
Do you own turf?
Are all you associates relatives?
Are you still serving time in a federal prison?
Are you under the influence of any liberal politician?
Do you prefer, rape, murder, burglary or dealing?
Has any drug cartel ever deemed you unworthy?
Have you ever been permanently discharged from a gang?
I imagine pride, arrogance and loyalty to the gangs as well as an IQ of 10, these questions would be answered honestly!


Ooh, ooh, ooh, let me answer :raised_hand:… uhh, is the answer: NO?!


LOL, and answering “No” to these questions still implicate you…
Are you still serving time in a federal prison?
Has any drug cartel ever deemed you unworthy?
Have you ever been permanently discharged from a gang?

As the victim or the perp? :rofl:

I can’t recall that being on any form I have completed. What was your answer? :rofl:


I guess I’ll have to make my final selection(s) ahead of this implementation.


Question 11 h and i, paraphrasing ,of course!


so the ATF has gone “woke”. go figure.


See, this is an example of the times when I say to myself, "David, and myself say, “Huhh,” “You’ve got enough guns, what are you worried over?” and myself say, “o.k.”

In truth, I’m not worried about what I have. I am concerned for all others that have the same birth right that is constantly being sniped at and diminished.


It’s a good thing it doesn’t ask if you’re a habitual liar. That would certainly be trouble some…