Nevada Run, Hide, Fight…With What?


Same old sad story. :roll_eyes:


We had an active shooter training. None mentioned to fight back with a firearm.
Staplers, chairs, yes.


hmmm… thinkin… saw someone make a statement some time back… hmmm…

suggested we start suing places that disarm people aka gun free zones etc for such shootings…

for wrongful death? denial of the basic right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness?

something along those lines maybe??? we got attorneys here that maybe could figure such out?

the charge or way to go with such a case???

just a thought… ya I know dangerous and lonely in my head LOL :laughing:

OH and BTW privates businesses have rights… so they can require things…

and schools can do so as well…


at some point their rights can impose on the rights of others…


IMHO they can and should be held accountable…

ALSO IMHO things got this way by the left using law suites n such… so???

turn about is perhaps fair play???


11 Bravo term Close with and destroy the enemy. Which is in these cases not shooters but murderers.


My question is, what would’ve happened to the person who neutralized this scumbag with a firearm? I know, I know, it would’ve been against the law for that person to have that firearm on campus, but, theoretically, what would’ve been the fallout? I think this person, at the minimum, been kicked off campus and permanently banned. I think the police chief would be making a statements about taking the law in your own hands and that person should’ve called 911 as soon as they witnessed what was happening, etc. Something has to give here in this country.


Maybe the person could escape legal jeopardy after stopping the attack. Even Biden and his handlers would have to think twice about the optics of prosecuting a person who saved lives. But that person would likely loose their job if they were an employee and could have significantly reduced employment opportunities after that.

The bigger threat is if they are caught carrying prior to stopping an event. In that case the legal and financial jeopardy would likely be extreme since slap on the wrist justice seems to only be reserved for violent criminals these days. Given the incredibly low likelihood of anyone ever being involved in these incredibly rare events the odds are way higher of being caught illegally carrying than ever being caught in an active murderer event.

I know the argument is don’t get caught but it is hard to conceal 100% perfectly 100% of the time. There is also the possibility of an accident or medical event causing your carry status to be outed.

Ideally these gun free zones would be removed or at least modified to allow properly vetted and trained staff to have access to appropriate defensive tools.


I remember the Pearl High School shootings here in Mississippi on October 1, 1997. That was the one that basically started these school shootings. The hero of the day was Mr. Joel Myrick. He was the assistant principal at the school and when he heard the shooting start, he ran to his truck and retrieved his Colt .45 and held it to Luke Woodham’s(the shooter) head until LEO arrived. After the fallout of the shooting, Mr. Myrick lost his job because he had a firearm on school property. This is the insane logic we are dealing with.
“An unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” ~ Cesare Beccaria


Fortunately in AZ it is legal to have an unloaded firearm locked out of sight in a vehicle in a school parking lot. Though that is still precious minutes to get to a firearm and I don’t know how many if any staff do that or even if staff policy would allow them to.

It is also still a partially dumb rule because it forces parents to handle their firearms loading and unloading in order to access school grounds. They should at least allow the firearm to remain loaded while locked in the vehicle. Though it is better than having to leave your firearm at home.


The laws have drastically changed here in MS for the better though. Today Mr. Myrick would not have lost his job and would be hailed a hero. He was still hailed a hero back then too, he just got fired.


Looks like a case of workplace killing by a disgruntled job seeker. The shooter was reportedly trying to land a job at UNLV after working in North Carolina and his victims were faculty members and staff, not a random collection of students at a crowded location.

Betcha that once the media feeding frenzy dies down, we learn that the shooter had well known mental issues (which may explain why he left NC as a tenured prof and was turned down by UNLV) and/or was prescribed some sort of psychotropic pharmaceutical to control his mental illness and no one bothered to report him to the NICS. Nuthin’ to see here. Of course, everyone knows that the ready availability of semi-auto firearms is at the core of this shooting.

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The good guy would be crucified. Just look at Daniel Penny or the guy who stopped the mugging in the NYC subway recently. Even THE VICTIM was so brainwashed that she publicly expressed that she was glad he stopped the attack on her, but “really wished he didn’t use a gun”. WTF?


Details about the shooter. Not a stable person …

UNLV gunman sent letters to university personnel across the country before shootings, sheriff says | CNN

The laws are the way they are on purpose. They may look stupid on the surface, but they’re very intentional. After all, it’s “common sense” to not have guns at schools, right? Who can be against “common sense gun laws??”

The killings will continue until the end goal is achieved: disarmament of the citizens and a "redefinition " of the Second Amendment.