FB Messing with Firearms Businesses( Sep 2022)

Two local businesses, one a LGS (Bullseye Guns & Ammo) and the other a firearms training business (Last Resort Firearms Training), use Facebook for their WWW presence. For several years I have been able to go to their sites on FB without logging in to FB. As of about a week ago, when I try to get to either page I can only get to a FB login screen. The owners of both companies were not aware of this and had made no changes in their settings.
If you know other FB-based firearms stores or trainers, have you seen the same change?

Based on my career in cybersecurity and privacy, I deem FB as totally evil and refuse to have an account. I wish all commercial and civic organizations would pull their heads out and realize FB does NOT equal The World, and they need their web presence on a generic web server, not buried in the Meta verse.


LGS view has been log in only for several years here, several shops. When I mentioned via email one day the same thing you mentioned, I got a “yeah, you’re right…but” response. It took me months to have fb close my account, and a year later another party they had sold my photos to sent me an email with their views and rankings. I blew a fuse at that.


If hey choose to remain on FB, that is their issue.
Lost revenue will most likely drive them to look elsewhere for a web hosting service.


I just checked a photography page I have/had (I no longer update it), and it also requires a login now also, when it didn’t before.

Since it’s inception, FB / Meta has always changed things at their whim. Security settings magically get reset, censorship, etc…
Nothing new and people should expect it if they are going to use the platform…