Family Gatherings


With Easter just around the corner (April 21st), then Mother’s Day on deck (May 12th), do you carry to extended family events?

  • Yes, my extended family loves it when I carry.
  • Yes, my extended family doesn’t need to know when I carry.
  • Yes, even though my extended family is against my carrying.
  • No, out of respect for someone in my extended family asking me not to carry.

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If someone in your family is against you carrying, how often do they bring the topic up?


Actually my mother says “Like Father Like Son”


I don’t know if I would say love it, but they all just kind of don’t care. They get excited to see new guns, and shoot my ammo, but they’re farmers. There are guns everywhere. I think my second cousin likes it because she doesnt like walking around the farm with a rifle.

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Many in my extended family are Uber liberal, read socialist. When they come to my home I’m strapped. When I go to their home, out of respect, I leave my gun and my MAGA hat in my car. It’s an uneasy truce.


Funny thing, mom and dad frisk me during hugs. If they feel a gun, they pat me on the back.


My extended family carries as well. The ones that don’t, I don’t go to their house (Chicago). They come down south. They know I carry, voice their opinion about how “guns kill” then I shred them with facts about how that hospital they work at is more dangerous than my guns, since it’s a gun free zone, in Chicago, and malpractice kills 20 times as many as agun homicides every year. They change the subject then.

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Living in cRook county is challenging!


@James… I agree with you. I would not say that my extended family “Love” it. But they know, and accept it.


My rule is that I will not carry on private property without first seeking the permission of the owner. Asking the question has given me respect/credibility with people who are “afraid of guns” and also allowed me to educate them why this right is so important.



If I were able to carry out, I would not carry to a family event out of respect of a family member… ME.

My extended family, at least to my knowledge is Anti-Gun. I must have been adopted! LOL!

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Since some of these events happen in my own home they really couldn’t say anything. The other events happen in the People’s Republic of Illinois, so I’m forced by the thugs in charge to disarm upon entering. One brother works for a company that supplies law enforcement with everything they need from uniforms & vehicle equipment to firearms & accessories. My daughters have all been to a range for shooting. But there are still some that don’t know & might not approve.


I’m going to the family farm this upcoming weekend in central Wisconsin, and was asked “how many guns did you get since deer season?” and “do you want to bring some up to shoot?” Should be a nice Easter lunch with family…


Actually, this hasn’t ever came up. I’m not shy with my support for our Second Amendment, or my beliefs about carrying a firearm daily. Everyone who I may visit has seen my social media posts. If someone were to object to my carrying, I would respectfully leave. I feel if you don’t trust me in your home with my firearm, you simply don’t trust ME. And in that case, I shouldn’t be there.


Let me clarify my answer in another way here: One family member lives in the Anti-Gun State of New York so I would not be able to carry and the rest live in the Anti-Gun State of California so I would not be able to carry.


Yeah, I haven’t told my mother yet. Probably not going to either.
One brother and his wife are former Navy, they’d be fine, and my sister and most of my half-siblings would be fine I think. But mom? ah… that’d be yeaNOPE. Not happening.