Face to Face with a Politician - What Do You Support

I got a chance to get a Face to Face with a candidate for city council, not real big but big enough. She was nice, smart, surrounded by “Security Detail”. She laid her “We need to get the Democrat’s out” line on me. Then she asked me “What issues are on your mind?”.
So I asked these questions:
2nd Amendment? Where do you stand?
Abortion? Should the government be in peoples doctors offices?
Homeless? Are we wasting money in the wrong places?
Her responses were not perfect but satisfied me, I’ll vote for her.


We are one of the the wealthiest, and most wasteful (excess food, water, land, etc…), countries on the planet and we have a homeless problem. Who is talking about this? This should be the #2 issue to resolve next to the border situation. This is downright shameful in a nation with this amount of wealth. This is not just a political issue but a church issue. Historically, churches cared for the poor and opened their doors to the poor. Many churches have massive amounts of unused space / property, rarely used except one or two times a week. Pastors need to get involved and take the lead on this issue. They have a voice and they should use it.


What do you think should be done with/to people who do not follow the constitution and its related documents?

Do you believe that you should follow the constitution and its related documents?


I am not sure what you mean. The constitution is our rights. We get to chose if we want to exercise them or not.
Edit I Think you mean people that don’t want to allow us to exercise our constitutional rights.

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RRRIIIGHT! Try exercising your 2A rights at the Post Office or at the polls while exercising your RIGHT to vote!

Those people that don’t believe in our constitution and all of the related documents should be tarred and feathered!
Since when can you chant “Death to America” on American soil?
That’s not free speech, that’s a call to arms!


Just what I’d ask a politician.

Repercussions of not following it. Then do they follow it. That should give us a pretty good idea of if they mean what they say (from prior remarks from them), and it holds them to it…as much as we can…which isn’t a lot.

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One doesn’t exercise one’s rights by taking someone’s right. If one doesn’t want someone to take their right one has to stop them by exercising their rights.

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They’ve been doing a pretty good job since Mean Tweets left office!

I’m not taking away sh#t, when I mail my gifts while strapped, I’m not taking away any votes while fully armed.

Sounds like it’s time for exercise!
You want to see your rights disappear, vote this MFr in again!


Death before, dishonor! Actions have consequences!
I’ve never seen such dishonorable MFrs in my life!


When I lived in Minnesota once a week per month for several years we opened the basement for a group of homeless men, women and children.
We provided daily washed sheets, blankets, pillows, pillow cases, mattresses with liquid proof pads, breakfasts with fried/scrambled eggs, pancakes, syrup and bananas plus three different boxes of cereal.
Each family had their own room.
There was a community tv with dvd and vhs players. Yes, lots of Disney movies and John Wayne movies.
There were always at least one male and one female Church member minimally. Preferred was two each females and men.
There were 6 different denominations that cooperated in this program and it lasted until some “government agency decided that fully functional church kitchens were not allowed to provide the meals. (Note: At our church we had 8 people who had state issued health cards/food prep licenses.)
Lots of churches in Texas have tried similar programs but, were shut down for similar reasons.
Oh, the homeless people were picked up no later than 7a to be taken to a location where they could shower, do laundry and go to training classes to learn how to earn and control their spending.


Me or the ones in charge? :slight_smile:

good plan, terrible action…because homelessness in this country is a choice, and that choice is made with mental illness.

The ones in “charge”.
That could be the whole point, no one is in charge.
It’s more like they are just winging it! They can’t even do that respectfully! Most of them from Peety Bootajudge to ALhandleit MySoreAss are shameful, disgraceful imbeciles!
Even if it’s a plan! These idiots did and are still planning a coup. But the wrench in their plan was and is killing our own people in the process.
Cutting off their nose to spite their face!
That’s the weakness we must exploit!


We need to pressure our elected officials both State and Federal to address and SOLVE issues that affect us all (crime, immigration, economics etc.) , and not waste time on “bullcrap” like discussing and voting for “National Turkey Foot day”.
Legislation should be only addressing the main issue and use plain language, not some abstract terminology that requires 10 law degrees to interpret. You don’t need 10,000 pages submitted at the last minute so nobody has time to read it. (72 hour rule must at least be adhered to, but should be extended to a week or more, real emergencies excepted)
No pet projects added at the last minute. that do not pertain to the prime purpose of the legislation, e.g. gun control attached to a school lunch program legislation.

Federal agencies (e.g. ATF) should only address the law as it is written and not be permitted to create their own rules just for the sake of harassment. No midnight raids for misdemeanors or clerical errors.


Phew! I thought I was about to be dragged into another online battle. lol

I don’t suppose that IQ tests would help. For the people in charge, not us!


Definitely, IQ and cognitive tests should be mandatory. For example SJL of Texas (Who was senior member of the Space Committee) saying that the moon is mostly gas, and that the sun is ‘almost impossible’ to get near.

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Good for you. Now, your goal should be to know and be known by name and face by everyone who represents you.

Pastors should unite on this situation and take it to the governor and other state politicians (in person, not with a phone call or email). Pastors have a huge influence in this country and always have. I believe they are one group most politicians would fear NOT listening to (no matter the politician’s religious beliefs). They also need to speak out about this to their congregations, encouraging them to contact their state representatives to allow churches to be left alone to do their missions.


What are you running for this election cycle? What’s your website address so I can read up on your campaign?

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I’m too old to run for office again. Unlike the octogenarians that people want to see in office for life, I believe that no one older than 70 should be in public office as their connection with current issues is too dated.

Why do you ask about my positions? Is it to belittle and attack me as is the wont of many on this site who are unengaged in the political world, except to throw stones at those who are or have worked the system?

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