Do you value your 1st Amendment rights?

I am a Responsible Armed American.

I am also a Child of GOD and a citizen of heaven. Most Sundays I am at church from 10:00-12:00

The Bill of rights says as an American; I have the right to worship GOD and to go to church.

The First Amendment

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof: or abridging the freedom of speech or the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

According to this Amendment, whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Native American, or any religion, you have the right to worship your GOD.

As a child of GOD who was freed from sin by CHRIST, who died on the cross for my sins, I should go to church and worship the one who set me free.

Yet during the coronavirus, none of this seems to matter.

The government banned church services across our country, which I believe is a direct violation of the First Amendment. Yes, churches have been holding virtual services where they share recorded messages or stream them live.

But Virtual church is not the same on multiple levels.

Most churches complied with the governor’s orders, including my church.

The Biblical basis for this decision is 1 Peter 2:13

“Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority whether to the emperor as the supreme authority, or to the governors who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right. For it is GOD’S will that by doing good, you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people.”

Was the governor’s order a violation of the First Amendment? As a citizen of heaven, does our loyalty to GOD trump the need to submit to the governor’s order?

Crazy questions in the age of the corona universe

The other exciting issue this Amendment brings up is The freedom of the press.

I get Concealed Carry Magazine in the mail, and it always has useful articles in it. If, in the future, the magazine publishes an article critical of Red Flag Laws as an example. Would Concealed Carry Magazine be protected by freedom of the press?

The people who protested the shutdown of the economy were exercising their First Amendment rights.

The final thought I want to share is from Dawn the Community Manager.

“The way I’m looking at this trying to find a way to unite the most people in respect to assembly instead of dividing people based on freedom of religion. That is not to discount religion in any way. It is to find a common ground that we, as Americans, can agree on and get behind - no matter if we’re Catholic, Muslim, Buddist, Atheist, or any other religion.”

So I am curious,

  1. when was the last time you studied the Bill of Rights?

  2. What right protected by the 1st Amendment do you value the most?

  3. Do you believe the First Amendment is still relevant?


I value GOD most importantly and 1st above all, the FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN TO THAT


I’m going to answer your questions in reverse order……

  1. Yes the 1st Amendment is still relevant in that it provides legal authority preventing the Government from infringing on those natural rights (it does not grant them it acknowledges them and prevents infringement upon them). One little virus, or hurricane and we see historically how quick the Government is to take those natural rights from the people. So the legal vehicle is definitely still needed and relevant.

  2. Religion followed by assembly. God is first for me and I don’t need the State telling me what to believe and how to worship. Assembly closely follows because in my mind action speaks louder than words and therefore whether it be for a peaceful religious service, or raucous demonstration outside a Government building, showing the will to take action is powerful.

  3. Studied…years…reviewed casually,………a couple times a year maybe (sort of a regular review to keep it fresh in my head).


My understanding is different.
The highest value given us by God is LIFE. And this Life should be protected.
1st Amendment doesn’t tell anything about protecting the Life. It says about freedom of our religion.
If protecting my and Family’s life means stay at home and pray at home - this become priority.

We can quote the Constitution, we can adduce the Bible verses, but as for now the Pope is the Superior.
And according to His words, I may pray home to protect Lives.
I’m not going to rise my hands and claim my rights… I can do this when I see my rights are violated for real.



I respect and understand your opinion. We have high-risk members of our church who would elect not to come to church and I totally get it and supported their decision.

But if someone else in the church is not high risk and wants to come to church then I believe the decision should be up to them and not the state.

I simply believe the decision to go to church or not go to church should be made by the individual and not the state.

However I am wondering which of the rights protected by the first do you value the most?


@Jonathan4… it can be discussed for a long time, and probably we never find perfect solution. I also respect other’s opinion and do not want tell what is right and what is wrong.

In my opinion everything should be done as simple as possible. If we have pandemic and the best way to fight it off is to avoid gathering, let just avoid gathering. There is no “high risk”, “low risk”, “no risk” options. We as the Nation should stand together…
But I know it is impossible… however possible in small communities - my Brother in Law lives in small village in Lorraine Region, France. He is a Priest there. They follow every order given by Government and 100% people agree with it. They live their lives waiting for happy ending.

Regarding 1st Amendment - I think these rights are there in purpose - Freedom of Religion and Speech. I do not see that one is above another. Freedom of Press, Right to Assemble, Right to Petition are not so important for me.


The freedoms that belong to, though are not enjoyed by, every human being born into this world, as stated in our Bill of Rights, are now and forevermore as relevant as they ever have been. The fact that I was blessed to be born in a country that recognizes those basic human rights is a novelty in a world that, throughout history, has seen countless governments refuse recognition of those basic individual freedoms, and have/do suppress them under rule of law.
I believe the experiment that is America is a perpetual experiment, because in this Republic experiment is a huge element of human nature, so it is subject to the changing whim and fancy of man, and unlike a scientific experiment with exacting protocols under close scrutiny, which can be deemed either success or failure after a time, the involvement of human nature makes the experiment a precarious one.
The divisiveness and one world view ideology so prevalent in America today don’t increase the odds for our continued success, and neither does it help that so many don’t see the value of live and let live/to each his own, that was so prevalent in my younger days. This one world view so many are fond of eliminates individuality, makes every one like the last one; our country is founded on the live and let live ideology, and if everyone thinks the same, sees the same, feels the same, then our Republic, and our freedom, is gone.


Since this is the first time we have done this as a nation, how has it worked? Is their any proof?

I believe this was a blatant violation of our 1A. I will even put my tin foil hat on and say it is a dry run for socialism.

Don’t wear a mask, they don’t work, and the first responders need them. Oops, wear a mask, any mask, N95 or a handkerchief over your face. Highly transferable via touch, well, not so much…

We all gonna die, vs almost 98% survival rate if you are under 65 and or don’t have pre existing conditions…

Shut down until we flatten the curve so we don’t flood the hospitals… Vs can’t open until we get a vaccine…

Somewhere in between our rights and what is best for society is out there. But I don’t think this was even close to equal.

Churches are shut down, and even people jailed or threatened to be jailed, while Walmart is open. Planned Parenthood is open…

  1. when was the last time you studied the Bill of Rights? Two weeks ago.
  2. What right protected by the 1st Amendment do you value the most? Freedom of speech is, I think the most important of the 5.
  3. Do you believe the First Amendment is still relevant? YES!

I need more tin foil.


@Fred_G, you have just described total disorganization we are witness to. We were surprised and not prepared. I hope we are gonna learn on these mistakes.

I grew up in different culture, and have my own opinions sometimes opposite to others… but thankfully me and my Family have survived economically and healthfully every single disaster.

I’ve been staying at home, wearing the mask, kept quarantine with my wife and kids when we found it mandatory. We are going to do this still until it’s needed. And I do not think about rights, Constitution, Amendments at this moment. When I see that my elderly neighbors need some help with shopping, garbage removal… I do not read them Constitution… I just do what they need from me - I help them.

Pandemic, or maybe epidemic is not something new for me. Perhaps that’s the reason I know what to do.
You can read about the worst epidemic we had in Poland. It was in 1963.

Full lockdown. Full recovery. Perhaps few differences, there was vaccination available, but separation played huge role.

Anyway, we do what we have to do… everyone has his own path…


Governmental reactions have been based on an unknown but yet assumed knowledge of this illness. The sky-is-falling hysteria has trampled on individual freedoms, jobs, and our economy. As time rolled on, it became apparent that these reactions did more harm than good, yet in half the states; those reactions are still in play. Realizing this, I think most everyone can see that there is a much large agenda being chased than an individual’s health.
The one thing that is not getting much attention is the mental health issues that arise from lack of freedom, lack of an income, and this deep fear that people are suffering from. I know the fear is out there because people are still permitting themselves to have their rights and freedoms stripped away. Not only are some people willing to be controlled, but they are rising up against those who are not willing to live under the thumb of a tyrannical “public servant.”


I’m not a legal professional, but I’ve had to study and review the constitution more than most. I know where most of the black and white lines are and some of the grey areas. I’m alarmed at the number of people who don’t value the Bill of Rights. I never thought I’d see the day where any significant part of the US citizenry believes we need more constraints on the First Amendment. But perhaps that’s what happens when we devalue other rights. If the 2nd Amendment can be ignored without consequence by so many state and local governments, then the Bill of Rights must not be the sacred thing our grandparents said it was, right?

Unfortunately, there seem to be very few organizations dedicated to the support of the entire constitution. Most pick and choose which rights they’ll defend and which they’ll ignore. But I believe the erosion of any of our rights affects all others.


There is no right to slander anyone, let alone a sitting President, as racist -yet that’s what the so called “Press” is doing. There is no right for a gutter mouth comedian to display a severed head. There is no and can be no right like this.

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The real question is would you defend it with your life. I see no one shutting down Mosques. They have walked all over the Constitution and Bill of Rights, yet people continue to beg the so-called leaders for relief. Why would they give up power, when people have freely given it to them.


@Jerzy My Grandma used to tell me “The great task of the church is to get the sinners into heaven and the saints out of bed on Sunday morning” :slight_smile: Your point about the Pope is well taken, I am not Catholic but our pastor has been doing online services since the lock down began. The most important thing is that the choice was made by the church and its leaders rather than the government. As a fellow IL resident you probably saw the story linked below about the Chicago Mayor violating the rights of churches in the city. I do feel we need to raise our hands and support the churches being strong armed by the City of Chicago or the day may come when they try it on churches outside the city.

In Wisconsin, I’ve seen all houses of worship - no matter the religion - treated equally. In some states they are not required to shut down, in others they are.

Here’s a small excerpt from the above mentioned article:

To me, a house of worship being closed does not infringe on my First Amendment rights. I can still participate in the online service if I choose. I don’t need to be in a building to worship. But that’s my personal opinion.


You missed the point. Police are not going to those places and harassing people. They understand what loss of freedom is. Too many Americans don’t know and don’t acknowledge the struggles other have gone through.

No person has the right or authority to take a persons religion away.

“ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I’m not sure who you were responding to, @Anthony88.

If it was my comment, my point is religion isn’t a building.

I think the bigger issues is the right to assemble -that includes for religious and non-religious gatherings.

If you were responding to someone else, please use the @ with their username or hit the white reply button on their comment and it will automatically let everyone know who you’re responding to. :slight_smile:


@Jerzy your point about the Pope brings up the crux of the whole matter. I’m not catholic, but there are millions of Catholics. Those folks, look to the Pope as their spiritual leader. If the Pope says “let’s worship online, and quarantined” that is the decision of the church to voluntarily stay home. As it should be. The government should not tell house of worship, of any religion, when they are “allowed” to worship in person. @Dawn, don’t be offended by this question, it’s just that, a question. Since the 1st Amendment protects the right to peaceably assemble, why would it not be an infringement to say a house of worship must close their doors, while Walmart and Home Depot are open? IMHO, the government should stay out of the churches business, as it is an unfair enactment of the recommended regulations. If a church can’t be open, with social distancing, then a retailer, or a warehouse shouldn’t be open for business either. I’m at work, in a break room 24x48 feet, with 35 other people. If 36 people are allowed in that space, why can’t 50-100 be in a room 80x80? My opinion, it is an infringement of the 1st amendment protected rights of the people.


Nobody has taken away anyone’s religion, nor do I believe that such was the intent.

In the face of a perceived threat to public safety, elected authorities, or their duly appointed agents, issued either recommendations or outright orders to limit or ban public gatherings, including church services, in a belief that doing so would slow the spread or scope of the virus. Now, we can argue all day long about the efficacy or legality of these orders (and I have plenty to say on both points), but I don’t believe there was ever any concerted attempt to “shut down religion”.

Attending services has many important benefits, but we should also keep Matthew 5:5-6 in mind. The temporary edict against gathering for live services may be painful, it isn’t an attack on the church or on faith.

As far as mosques or other houses or worship not closing, well, given the well-known contrary nature of people everywhere, it’s no surprise that some have complied and some have not. They made their choices and will undoubtedly face the ensuing consequences.

The first amendment is as important as the second, and the third, and the fourth and so on!
Does it feels like the first was infringed upon,… like the second amendment has?
My question is, How are these amendments kept in check?