The first amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

This is the thread to use your first amendment.
Here we can talk about anything you want.
Religion, politics or anything you’d like to talk about.
we based this country on freedoms, being free, being free to talk, being free to pray being free to be ourselves and dream and do what we want.

Thank God for that!! I pray one day we can be a morel country once again. We have lost our ways as a society and we need to find our way back and I pray to God that we find it Jesus name amen


Before I post anything here… we have to ask @Dawn to lock this thread for anyone outside the Community.


@Justin47 - The First Amendment doesn’t apply to these forums. The First Amendment only restricts what the government can do regarding speech of all kinds.

These forums are governed by the community guidelines laid out by USCCA.

We are pretty much free to discuss what we want, as long as the conversations stay within the community guidelines.

@Jerzy - As I understand it, anyone can read these forums, as they are public. Anyone who desires can register and participate. I don’t believe there is a way to lock the viewing of a thread.


With all rights come responsibilities. You may be able to say anything you want but you will have to be willing to defend your opinions against those on the other side of your opinion. I don’t particularly like to wear my faith on my sleeve, you seen to need to. God and I have an understanding, I will give him his glory but I DO NOT NEED his house to pray in and I will speak to him anytime I am so inclined. God is omnipotent and omnipresent and I do not subjugate HIM to preconceived ideas, I have seen HIM on the battle fields.

Yes we have lost lost our way in many ways. It is easier to go along to get along than to stand and fight. It is the sign of the sheep dog to to not bark when moving to the point of advantage and that is what I hope my many brothers and sisters are doing. Moving to the point of advantage to take on the loud mouthed screaming cacophony of the left. When the coyotes of the left come to tear into the sheep it will be the sheep dogs that come from the darkness with overwhelming violence and send the cowards back to their holes or leave them on the field.

OBTW: You don’t get to dictate the rules to @Dawn as there are Community Guidelines that as a member of the community you must abide by if you wish to participate. I have read your posts before @Justin47 and I don’t find you out of the box but you cannot suspend the rules of conduct just to vent. I am always up for a spirited debate from all comers BUT we have rules for a reason and most of us have our own code of conduct that does not infringe upon the rules.




What rules am I breaking? How am I dictating rules to @Dawn? I’m not sure if you understand whar I opened this thread for.

I was told by some members I was going off topic to much.
So I started a thread where this is no topic. Anything you want to talk about is free to speak about.

How is that breaking rules are dictating rules to anyone?
I created this thread to talk about anything.

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@Justin47 - I don’t think you’re dictating or breaking rules. The community guidelines are here.

One of the guidelines is “Keep on the topic of the thread.” That will make potentially make this thread a bit of a problem since you have designated this thread for “anything.” I know that trying to discuss multiple topics in a single thread can be very difficult.

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Justin, I know we spoke about it before but since you brought it up, god or his illegitimate kid have nothing to do with morals. While we may disagree on belief or religion, the distinction that morals were not created by religion but capitalized on BY religion needs to be understood. christianity and islam both were derived from judaism. However, before judaism, there was Zoroastrianism which is where most of the stories in the bible were plagiarized like adam and eve, the flood, moses, demons and devils and such. Before Zoroastrianism, there was countless religions that existed and you can look for yourself on wiki at the following page:
Timeline of religion - Wikipedia.

My point is that this arrogance to think your religion is both the “right” religion or the original religion is exactly that…arrogant. Even hinduism predates judaism by centuries. So, with this in mind, humanity or people learned to live and thrive together before your religious beliefs ever were even a thought in anyone’s mind. Just like we see in other species where they have societal structures and decide what is and isn’t acceptable, so too do we see it in humanity. Morals are defined as: concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character. In short, that means that we could determine right and wrong LONG before our ancestors plagiarized other religions and called it their own. People were functioning as societies, deeming what was right and wrong for their tribes/groups and dictating what were good and bad actions.

Now, like I stated before, you have every right to choose whatever belief you want but if you try and assert something that is vehemently and demonstrably wrong as fact…well…I’ll happily challenge you. Morals and values are determined by the society. Remember, your religion was completely ok with slavery even going so far as stating it was ok to beat your slave so long as they don’t die in 2 days or less yet we as a society determined it was reprehensible so WE as a society ended it. Just like slavery, we have decided on amending countless examples your religion disagreed with like the value of women and how your religion dismisses them(timothy 2:12 as an example). Today we are all equal regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or religion and we as a society determine what is moral and what values we should and shouldn’t have.

Believe in whatever you want, but recognize your belief is just one of literally 1000’s of versions of religions throughout the ages. It only works because it was revised at one point and most followers selectively tune out or make excuses for the more egregious parts so they can stomach the rest. I’m guessing you ARE NOT ok with stoning your kids to death for speaking back at you? Personally one day I hope we can finally place all religious texts where they belong…in the fiction section and allow people to simply believe in whatever they want, IF they want but we can live without the limitations those books impose and be fine. Or do you want to argue that the Earth is really only 6000 years old still and we all are really inbred over many generations of inbreeding from the original adam and eve?

As it is, we are growing as a society. What we’re dealing with right now are growing pains. Yes there are a lot of idiots who are over entitled douchebags who were given too much by their parents and are now dragging the rest of us down, but eventually we’ll get past this and have respect and value what we have. It happens every generation or so and while this one got a little out of hand…we’ll learn and grow from it. Then we’ll get back to smoother days until the next societal discourse rears its ugly head.

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…zero chance of this thread going completely off the rails. :rofl:



:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:… I know right!!


Here “lies” the problem. You think Wikipedia is fact. It is not… It is published by opinion, by tons of opinions. How it is added to by anyone. So I won’t even look at that link.

Your right @Erik10 we have had this conversation. So I no it doesn’t matter what I say to you. Your a strong atheist. That’s ok, nothing wrong with that. God gave us free will. That means believing in him or not as well.

This is a thread that I want people to say what they believe. As soon as we can agree that we have different opinions the sooner we can be United. We are all different, different looks, different opinions, different ideas and different paths. But that does not mean we are divided. It just means we’re different.

Most of my friends don’t believe and the stuff I believe it. but we’re still friends. that’s the point I’m trying to make. Although we are different in so many ways. We are all Americans. We can disagree and still be friends. trust me I know for sure.

@Erik10 you and I have completely different looks in life. I’m here still trying to be your friend because it doesn’t matter what we think. You served our country to protect our freedoms. You sacrificed your health and your mental status 4 people you didn’t know. To me it makes your hero.

But we’re all Americans and we need to stay together United not divided.



Just as an FYI, not one single serious academic will accept Wikipedia as an authoritative citation. You weaken your argument just using it as a citation.:popcorn::cup_with_straw:


wiki is not fact, it’s a collection of information that can be used at times to shed light on things. I used it in this case as a way to shine a light on the inconsistencies in your assertion morals come from your belief. If you’d like facts, let’s consider how Galileo asserted that the earth revolved around the sun and the church condemned him and only in recent years finally admitted they were wrong. It literally took that long for religion to come to grips with reality and face the truth that they were wrong on just one example…it’ll be eons before they realize and admit the rest is BS.

Now, you are religious…I get that and you’re entitled to your belief, but much like we have learned through science and exploration that the world is much more full of life and species than the people who wrote your book could have thought possible…rationally speaking it’s not hard to accept that they got a few things wrong and to accept it rather than irrationally thinking your book is right and the rest of the world is wrong. Then you start sounding like the brainless dupes who believe the Earth is flat and no matter how much proof they see, call it all phony so they can continue grasping their insanity.

We can always be friends, but you can’t disregard our entire history that existed before your religion because you choose to or your book says it didn’t exist. IF you actually speak with people of the hindu religion they likely smile when your religion comes up because to them, it’s young compared to theirs. Also, there are still people practicing Zoroastrianism even today. To them, your religion is a thief and copy of their core belief.

As for my comment for making excuses, that is exactly what you’re doing trying to discredit wiki…so instead let’s look at more reputable sources:

Or with Galileo:
Vatican admits Galileo was right | New Scientist.

You can’t discredit every source based on a single source without looking ridiculous. Believe in god, enjoy and I’ll buy you a beer if you ever want to see how crazy my state is or want to come to Disneyland, and enjoy my poor attempt at BBQ. While I may sound mad, my anger is at the lies and injustices caused by that book throughout history, not your personal belief in god. I can’t wait till christians evolve past that trash and simply believe without relying on or referencing that book. I am being sincere though, you’re always welcome at my home when your in town. :wink:

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It never ceases to amaze me how much an atheist gets bent out of shape because I believe that there is a God if you are right I haven’t hurt anyone by trying to love everybody and treat people the way I want to be treated

When it comes to ignoring facts what about:
1.) spontaneous generation has been proven repeatedly not to be true ( life from non life or the basis of evolution
2.) physics ( more specifically thermodynamics) shows us a system left to itself will self destruct by you would have us believe that this solar system with all of it’s interwoven systems has continued for billions (or is it trillions since the age of the earth seams to increase by a factor of 10 every few years

As others have put it I guess I just don’t have enough faith to be an atheist


I agree. that’s getting into the complex parts of it. It’s so much simpler than that. We see through a shard of glass, beyond that is not for us to know. Every bit of knowledge we have is given to us when it’s needed. when it’s time. @Erik10 you’ve talked about religion holding us back but in fact the Bible talks about the increase of knowledge. It talks about it happening all at once … in the past 60 years our knowledge inventions have exploded.

But like @Stanley3 people that believe in religion are not hurting anybody.

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While it is true that it does state what government can not do to you… there are laws, that cover individual people if they attempt to deny your rights.

If they conspire to deny your rights, they can be prosecuted.


I would suggest the 4.5 Billion year range for the age. Even the Bible suggests the Earth is old and perhaps billions of years old.


Let me try to clarify this one more time. I only used the first amendment because the great amendment to protect our rights of religion, speech, press and the right to assemble.

Just to show that this thread is open for conversation. You can say hi @Zavier_D how you doing… or you can just say what’s on your mind for the day, maybe I need to blow off some steam about something to happen to you. This thread is open for conversation. do you want to talk religion fine you’re free to but it doesn’t have to be about that can be about anything and that’s the point.

I just want people to be able to talk have a good time and share their opinions without being disrespected. if you wanted to debate okay debate is fine you go right ahead. This is me just clarifying that I was just using the first amendment as an understanding. In this thread you will not be persecuted for your opinion.


+sigh+ I promised myself I wouldn’t step into this pile.

The above quote is a misstatement or misunderstanding of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which only applies to closed or isolated systems in which all processes are reversible. The earth is not an isolated system since every minute of every day we are bombarded with energies and particles which originate from ‘elsewhere’.

Nice try, but that argument doesn’t hold up. Let’s remember that science can only verify existing physical reality; it is worse than useless when dealing with a meta-reality (sometimes known as the supernatural ).

Now I’m done.


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