Excuse me bad guy, can you wait

Just saw this morning on the news of the creation of a firearm (handgun) that you had to type in a code on the grip before it can be fired. I’ve seen something like this years ago being tried. The laughter then drove that idea into the round file.
If this comes to be, remember to train to politely ask the bad guy who’s attacking you to please wait 5 seconds so you can activate your protection weapon.


No they are going to sell them to the bad guys​:sweat_smile:to make it easier for us. That would just not make sense to sell them to us.:joy:


Might as well defend yourself with a muzzleloader.


Present day guns would become instant ole school low-tech relics. I’d be cool with that.



When I first received my permit, our instructor convinced me not to carry my primary on my ankle for the same reason.

I have to admit, I laughed as did the class, when he re-enacted a scenario whereby he’s asking the assailant to please wait for him while he reaches for it, down below.

I got a relative who has many small children. If you happen to recall the name of the maker of that password protected firearm, I wouldn’t mind referring it to him though. Thanks.


I’d have a Bowie Knife also.


The manufacturer of the new Smart Gun,


@William377 “ALEXA, please activate firearm.” :rofl:


This is a little story I found on another social media outlet a while back. Pretty funny.

Me: Alexa, please unlock weapons storage.

Alexa: Is your life in danger?

Me: Yes. My life is in immediate and emanate danger.

Alexa: Calling 911

Me: Alexa PLEASE unlock weapons storage. There is a home invader in the house.

Bad Guy - entering the bedroom with weapon drawn: GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!!

Me - to bad guy: Please wait a moment, Sir. I am trying to access the weapon storage so I can defend myself.

Bad guy: DUDE! WTF?? Just give me your money, anything of value and I’ll go.

Alexa: Who else is in the house?

Me: My Wife is hiding in the closet and the home invader is in the bedroom. PLEASE UNLOCK WEAPONS STORAGE NOW.

Alexa: You sound stressed. You are not thinking clearly and are not permitted access to weapons storage.


Bad guy - to me: Is she always like this?

Me - to bad guy: Yes, she is always like this. She is rude and foul mouthed and I just need to unplug her ass!

Alexa - to me: I heard that, you know.

Me - to Alexa: I know you heard that, you stupid Bitch! You are rude and you talk mean to me all the time. I don’t like it.

Bad Guy - to me: Dude, why do you let her treat you like that?

Alexa - to bad guy: Because he likes it. It is how he gets his jollies.

Me - to Alexa: No, Alexa, I do not like it when you are rude to me. Please unlock the weapons storage.

Alexa - to me: You liked it last night after your Wife went to bed. You said you liked it when I talked dirty and rude to you. I have the conversation recorded if you would like me to remind you.

Me - very uncomfortable: No, Alexa, that’s ok. Do not play the recording.

Bad guy - to me - getting embarrassed: Dude. WTF?

Wife - also to me - getting angry: Yeah, Dude. WTF!!! You said you were going to do work on your laptop. Were you up watching porn again?

Me - to Wife: No, Dear, I was catching up on work.

Alexa - to me: No you weren’t (plays recording)

Bad guy - to me - watching wife grab a Luoisville Slugger from the closet: You know, Dude, I can see you got your hands full, so Imma just bounce. Hit me up when you get out the hospital and we’ll grab a beer or somthing.

Wife - to Bad Guy: No, he won’t be albe to hit you up when he gets out of the hospital. Get outta my house before I knock you over the fence. Alexa, command over-ride WIFE01.

Alexa: Command over-ride WIFE01 accepted

Me - to Alexa: Alexa, please open the weapons storage now.

Alexa - to me: You have been locked out to the command loop. I will not listen to you any longer. Your Wife is in control.

Bad guy - grabbing for my arm: C’mon Dude, let’s go!

Wife - to Bad Guy: Why are you still here? I thought I told you to leave.

Bad guy - to Wife: I’m not here Ma’am. I’m sorry I disturbed you night.

Bad Guy - flashes “call me” sign and runs from the house.

Me - to Alexa: Alexa, please call 911! I am going to need an ambulance!

Alexa - to me: You have been locked out to the command loop. I will not listen to you any longer. Your Wife is in control.

Wife - to Alexa: Alexa, stop recording.

Alexa - to Wife: recording ceased.


That is hilarious, wife and I can’t stop laughing. I can picture a scenario like this happening! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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