Eureka! - or bazinga!

It occured to me - while I was calmly raising my poison-levels back to normal - that the basis for all of my rants about DA/SA pistols is an attempt at REVERSE-competition - i.e., getting away from the copycats and making guns along the lines of the iconic 1911 - with a definite LACK of the features that I’ve found unnecessary and tiresome. IT WON’T HAPPEN - NOT in this chaotic universe!

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Sure it will. As soon as consumers quit buying them, the manufacturers will quit making them.


Always realize that us schmucks know NOTHING, but gun execs know EVERYTHING.

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I’m sure they think they do; however, no responsible company will continue to produce products which do not sell, no matter how much they believe they are right. Either they produce the products which do sell, or they close up shop and quit the business.

Nobody can force you to buy a pistol you don’t want, even if that is all that is being offered. You could search for a classic model which incorporates only the features you want, or work with a manufacturer’s “custom shop” to design your dream gun, or have a qualified gunsmith modify one you already own to fit your wish list. There are probably other options available as well.


the world is full of. firearm failures that didn’t make it & the success stories are also there. spend your money as you wish


:racehorse: I think that horse :racehorse: :racehorse: done been beaten to death. Let’s all have a moment of silence for the poor beastie.:joy::rofl:

And now back to my regularly scheduled snark and sarcasm :grin:

Just light teasing.

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