Enough is Enough! I HATE AMERICA!----ILHAN OMAR (Minnesota)

What is it going to take America?
This ‘Thing’ should be swinging in Gitmo.
Attempts to change the Minnesota state flag (to mirror Somali-world!)
Blasting the Muezzin in Minneapolis !



In a remarkable clip, the Somalian American congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been caught off-guard telling Somalian Americans in Minnesota, that her number one job is to protect the interest of Somalia. She continued to say, we are doing this job right from inside the American establishment (congress) while claiming Somalia will one day invade Kenya, Djibouti, Kenya, and Somaliland to unify all Somali-speaking people in the HoA in a single republic called Greater Somalia. Like Nazi Germany, the ethno-expansionism ideology led to great world wars that costed mankind millions of human lives. Ilhan Omar entred the US on false identity papers and married her biological brother in the process. Her father was an army general in Mohammed Siyad Barre Somalia, which killed 500 000 Isaaqs in Somaliland. This is known as the Isaaq genocide. In her own words, Ilhan serves the interest of foreign state rather than American Citizens. She is a mole in the system.
“Enough is Enough!”


Maybe we could send her an application to become a bomber. :thinking:


Kick her the phuck out, of the US!!! And I hope the razer wire cuts her ass on the way!!!


She should be TRIED, Convicted and sentenced for TREASON.

Mi dos pesos
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


I don’t know if she said she hates America or not, I don’t speak Somali and I don’t trust translations and hearsay from either side. However, the jist of her speach, protecting Somali interests in Somalia is off regardless. US congress is about protecting US interests, not foreign interests. Should I ask, for example, that the US congress protect my land rights in Sweden as a dual citizen? I don’t think so, that would, and should, be between me and Sweden.


At a minimum she should be removed from Congress. This does constitute treason.


Our enemies our taking advantage of our systems.
Maybe I’m an isolationist but some groups of refugees should not be allowed in. Especially those who don’t want to assimilate.
Yes, I believe immigration should be controlled, like every other sovereign nation on this planet.


Weaklings in Congress :man_shrugging:t4: should’ve taken care of this already :man_shrugging:t4:


This is TREASON she swore an oath to the usa, and by working for another country she broke that oath!!


This is the meaning of ENEMY OF THE STATE.
Is this really a surprise to anyone :question:
We let the cockroaches into the house, did you not expect them to sh+t on the floor! All we do is make memes of the traitors.
Does anyone really know the penalty for treason?
What are we waiting for, I feel we are just playing stupid. Their plan was to take over, we knew this on 9/12. Here we are, and they will prevail! So bend over and take it like a man or whatever you indentify as!



penalty for treason is death or prison for life.


§ 2381 says, “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or imprisoned and fined, and incapable of holding any U.S. office.”



We have laws against treason.

What we need is enforcement.


A Lot of that goin’ around in Decrepit Central Lately!
Both sides of the Aisle, The Whore house, Alaphabits

We the Peep’s need to do some serious Spring Cleaning
I always dreaded that but I’ll look forward to it when it comes now.

Mr. 10% FIRST !

UPDATE it’s 15:48 WEDNESDAY /01/31/2024
We found out three soldiers were KILLED by IRAN based Hooligans’ (3) days ago
Joseph Robinette Biden STILL hasn’t contacted the fallen Warriors Families !
Hasn’t taken ANY steps to see the Ceremonial 'Transfer
of the fallen when the return HOME !

This is disgraceful!



Please keep him away. We can’t afford the shame and disgrace!
Never let him near a veteran, EVER! He is a TRAITOR :exclamation:



Maybe he should stay home amirite?
(I think he needs a new battery in his watch, he kept checking it! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:) :rofl:


At least the watch is RIGHT twice a day, more than I can or will ever say about this putz!


I think I hit a nerve with this Topic 'ey what?

This is really starting to prove to me the questions I have about this 'gov.
My original question to myself was 'How can the Right let this farcical situation stand so long?
How can we have anti-American hater’s in seats of Government?
If this was the Kremlin they’d be taken out back and shot. (maybe not the greatest example :rofl: :rofl:)
I am starting to believe there are NO GOOD GUYS in 'gov
Maybe they are all in on it?
They ACT like they want to do something
But they NEVER do, just talk, talk, talk


She hit the nerve when she swore an oath to the United States with her hand on the Quoran!


Espionage on the grandest scale and in our faces.
Masters of their tradecraft!
Sun Tzu would consider the host country a FOOL!

The internet says that Aldrich Ames was the most notorious spy in history, I beg to differ! We have an entire cabal of spies in our house!
Time to sanitize the house and the country!

Seek them out wherever they may hide! Most are out in the open!


I heard on a national news report (Fox with Brett Baier), she and democratic defenders claimed it was a bad translation. She was just showing support, not absolute loyalty over the US, to Somalia. In my opinion, typical politician. Say one thing to one crowd, and say something else to another.