Email Preference may have a downside

Hello Folks,

This may be an issue that I have experienced 2 times now, Under Email preferences stated below :

My USCCA Email Preferences:

  • First Line
    With all the latest in self-defense, including exclusive videos, news and reviews, special offers and more, this eNewsletter is ‘the voice of the protectors.’

  • Live Training
    Receive exclusive educational content and access to event registration.

  • Membership and Subscription Reminders
    Get notifications about your membership, including payment, renew and expiration alerts.

  • Promotions
    See all bonus packages and special offers, plus your chances to win a gun or a grand prize giveaway.

  • Insider Deals & Self-Defense Products
    Gun-A-Day promotions and exclusive discounts on the latest self-defense products and training.

  • USCCA Instructor Program
    Learn about training, support and special offers for our instructors.

Now I truly enjoy this place and what it offers but I deselected all of these options of email newsletters because while owning a business I get bombarded by emails from everyone else.

My point being, I believe my congratulations of completing a paid for training course also seems to not get emailed to me, Id think something as important to the member as a certificate and an opportunity to give a 5 star review to a deserving instructor should be prioritized within an email follow-up.

I’ve taken 2 classes now in Southern Cal, 1 from Instructor (Daryl Koroluck) and 1 from (Steven Faris), both are amazing instructors and anyone should search them out for a class but I never received my congratulations notification, certificate or a link to review their worthy instruction.

I hope you may address or confirm this scenario so others that click no email notification understand that they may not get the passing credentials of the class they paid for.

Sincerely, Mark