Elderly man threatened with box knife kills 21-year-old, Wichita police say

Elderly man threatened with box knife kills 21-year-old, Wichita police say


Two lives ruined.

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No story, just a headline. Same name arrested in Dec.


Why two? Do you believe this wasnt justified?


Great story. The # of good humans isn’t a zero sum game. Sounds like progress for humanity.

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“The investigation revealed a disturbance occurred between the 70-year-old male and Njoroge outside of the apartments,” Davidson said in a news release. “During the disturbance, Njoroge threatened the male and came towards him armed with a box knife."

Makes me a bit nervous, gotta wonder what the “disturbance” was, did Pops start something with junior?..


He’s lucky to be alive but I doubt the 70-year old man’s life will ever be the same again. I hope he receives proper counseling.


Well, one for certain. I’m sure the old guy - who, FWIW, is a couple years younger than me - will be affected the rest of his life but, not necessarily “ruined.”


I’m more concerned that the Witchita Eagle considers this a homicide? Their 13th to be exact. Saving your own life is not homicide, maybe I’m mistaken but it’s also a disparity of force 70 vs 21.
As long as the 70 year old was not the aggressor he’ll get over it. He’s alive! Have to stop feeling sorry for protecting ourselves and family!
Play stupid games win stupid prizes! The kids first mistake was thinking the old man was one of the sheep!
Don’t play stupid games with pre-elderly people!
We may be slower, but slow is smooth…


I’m more concerned that the Witchita Eagle considers this a homicide?


  • Homicide: a person who kills another

  • 2 Homicide: a killing of one human being by another

Homicide isn’t the same as murder (intentional).


The article does not suggest a crime by the elder gentleman, just a killing. The following citation is not specific to Kansas, but pretty close to universally…

Homicide is the killing of one person by another. This is a broad term that includes both legal and illegal killings… There are various situations in which the killing of another person does not constitute a crime.


Duly noted! However, they could have been kinder in their choice of words, this is exactly why responsible gun owners are vilified. They lumped it in with the 12 other (unknown homicides ).

This is the city’s 13th homicide this year. There were 13 by this time last year and nine by this time in 2020, which ended up being a record year of homicides.

Read more at: “https://www.kansas.com/news/local/crime/article259180858.html#storylink=cpy”

I’m no “journalist” but maybe, stated “this is the city’s 13th self defense death this year!” Or this is the city’s 43rd “justifiable” homicide in which an elderly person was attacked…saved his own life and the life of a loved one.” Or maybe “Elderly man saves his own life when 21 year old, knife wielding thug, threatens to kill old man”.

You have to agree, homicide paints a nastier picture in the minds of snowflakes. This is where changes could be made, to place the 2A/gun community in a better light. ( wishful thinking ).

Just imagine what would happen to the car industry if every accident was considered an assault with a deadly weapon! And every death was ruled a homicide, justifiable or not! Can’t imagine what a NICS check would do for traffic?

Every time a good guy with a gun saves a life it’s called homicide, when bad guys go running through the streets of say, Chicago, killing hundreds, it’s called Gun violence ( and why is gun always capitalized in spell check? ) Never homicide? Go figure!

My tone is directed specifically at the mass media and the people who paint the picture! Time we started using a new canvas and painter!
IMHO ( I don’t have all the facts, but it ain’t homicide if he tried to kill me first! ) I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m sure the old man meant to stop the threat!
So new tagline, “Elderly man stops threat of 21 year old knife wielding killer. Unfortunately it was permanent!


Well, I don’t have to — but I do. :wink:

I don’t know whether the best results would come from convincing journalists to describe events the way we’d like them to — or teaching people what words actually mean. Both would be uphill and into the wind, but one is educational and the other is censorship (or more gently, telling painters how they should paint).

It can be hard to figure out whether you’re looking at nuance, error, or deceit when stories don’t come together. The reference to crime statistics in the OP link leads to a paywall, so I poked around in some different directions.

The Wichita PD has an undated web page with five years of crime statistics showing non-criminal homicides at 10% to 20% of total homicides (in 2021, 11 of 54).

KSNW (local TV?) has an article dated January of this year which claims to report crime statistics for 2020-21 released by the Wichita PD. Same total as the PD page, but only 2 of 54 homicides in 2021 justified.

Now, initial report numbers will change in both directions as investigations conclude and charging decisions are reached, but these two sources are clearly not on the same page. A person who only looked at one source would be unaware that they had bad numbers (or that other people did). A person who looks at both sources wouldn’t know what really happened either. While the correct numbers certainly matter to everyone involved, nothing seems to change the observation that non-criminal homicides in Wichita are the exception. Darn it.


Indeed. Then there is the difference between “arrested,” “charged” and “convicted.”

It’s only that last one that counts, especially if it’s ME.


Sums up the past two and a half years!!


Twenty years?

That’s an interesting point. I don’t know if or how police agencies update crime statistics as the judicial process rumbles along. The agency might have its “final” statistic once its investigation has reached a conclusion.

Maybe that does or doesn’t change if the DA or Grand Jury or a judge’s ruling reach a different conclusion. Certainly it seems difficult to think there would ever be a final statistic about a given year if it requires waiting additional years for trials and appeals to conclude…


A man here in Pine Hills Orlando FL was killed and found slumped over in his car after leaving the grocery store. I have no pity for those that target the elderly


If you kill someone in self defense it is a justifiable homicide.


@BeanCounter -
I hope the shooter doesn’t even give this a second thought.

I didn’t see any information on the shooter, but I tend to think that he knew what he was doing before deciding to defend himself.

People don’t get to be our age without knowing ourselves pretty well and being prepared to do what it takes.

Somebody decides to murder me, the consequences are on him - not me.

I have a T-shirt in a drawer somewhere that says: “I didn’t get this old by being stupid”.
Might have to dig it out today and wear it.


Wow! Some thug pulls out a box cutter on a 70 year old dude and you want to blame the old guy for starting it?
Any basis in rational thought for your assumption?