El Paso Shooting

Hang in there @BrianPX4, that’s a tough and personal challenge. We’re here if you need us.

To add.

Brian since you are going out of your way to educate people use this event as an example of exactly why we need more responsibly armed and well trained Americans carrying.

Mass shooters average one casualty for every six seconds they are active. Police response time in the US averages about 4 minutes 50 seconds but can be much, much longer.

The only way to keep these would be mass shooters in check is for them to be engaged in under a minute.

In the Dayton incident even though police were at the scene when he began firing and put him down in 34 seconds he still managed to kill 9 and wound 27 others. That’s about 1.15 casualties for every second he was active.

We as Americans would never tolerate the size or type of police force necessary to have 30 second response time across the nation so if we’re going to to have an effective defense against evil it’s up to each and ever one of us to protect ourselves and our families.


Thanks Zee. It is good to have a forum to go to where most folks have the same views. I understand there will always be those that will want to make every event a political one, cannot control those.


WildRose, Thank you for you replies. I am doing as much as possible. Due to my work, I am able to each out to about three hundred people a month, and discuss suspicious person recognition, IED recognition, and Active Shooter, (Run, Hide, Fight). This platform is through the DHS, and unfortunately cannot express my personal views on personal carry. If a side bar discussion comes up I am able to talk about personal opinion, I just can’t inject it into my training material.


Brian if you ever want to put a class together, have an event to promote USCCA membership or have me come down and do the “Countering Mass Shooter Threat” program just let me know.

I’m always looking for an excuse to get back out that way. Heck a couple of weeks ago I delevered a dog for free to a client in Roswell just so I could get back out to that part of the country.

I’m near Wichita Falls but I’d be happy to come down for a few days so just let me know. If we could get as few as 10 people together I could make the dollars and cents workout.

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Wow @BrianPX4. I pray your son is handling the loss of a friend well. Thank you for educating people about firearms safety. It would be easy as a parent to demonize everything in light of a tragedy. Instead, you choose the hard truth to teach that evil people do evil things.

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I hate to disagree with you on the flight simulators but I must. I know a few people that are really into them (my son included). If anything they have become even more realistic.

My son goes to a large convention every year put on just for flight simulation. For his set up he have 4 video screens so it looks like he is actually in the cockpit of the aircraft he is flying. the had controls (not just the yoke) are spot on to what is in aircrafts also. The people who do this also interact with each other while they are “flying” by means of voice chat.


From what I’ve read there is no nexus between video games and violence. I would like to know who sponsored that research. Was it independent research or was it paid for by video game interests? My son and grandson both play, thus my interest.


I fact checked too late. You’re absolutely correct. My apologies for misspeaking.

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Here’s a little tidbit I’d missed earlier… The Dayton, Ohio shooter was not only an environmental extremist, and a democrat, but also a gun control advocate.

How is it that the fact that a gun control advocate committed a mass shooting is not in the news as a headline? :thinking::face_with_monocle::angry:


Amazing how little press that received. To me it has became abundantly clear that the left is trying to dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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He also had Xanax, booze, and cocaine in his system when the cops put 24 rounds in him. Kinda shoots down(no pun intended) the idea of banning magazines over 10 rounds as well.


I like Trump’s idea of more mental institutions where people with mental problems can be diagnosed and treated. Mental institutions were very common when I was growing up as a child in the 1960’s, then they started to be closed down.

About a month ago my step sons girlfriend who is a correctional officer said at the dinner table that one woman inmate she knew displayed signs of mental illness. She told her boss that she shouldn’t be in jail, but in a mental facility and pushed for that. She was sent there and two months later she came by to visit her and appeared normal and happy, she thanked her for sending her there because she was diagnosed, given counseling and given the proper medical treatment, she responded well and was released.

Not saying everyone would be like her, but the fact remains that if we spend money on institutions where people can be taken off the streets and helped instead of spending in on wasteful things, it might contribute to reducing shootings.


Things like this are purposely missed by the media.

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