EEZOX Source

For those of you looking for EEZOX, is the only source I’ve found that offers their full line of products - although it’s a “universal” product, I’ve used it for years to protect internal surfaces and springs in my handguns. FYI


@KURT17 >> Been using Eesox for a long time. One of the things I like about it is that most of it evaporates and a coating is left the treated surface. I don’t know what’s in it but it smells good so it’s probably not good for people.
I think it was also used by our military so it must be good, ya right, try it
You’ll be glad you did.
PS: Walmart has it.


So spray or drip? Both? See it for sale all over.

I just got a quart can - a lifetime supply - through Amazon. I use it in a small drip bottle and run a wet patch, then dry patch, through the bores of my guns after cleaning.

It contains Trichloroethylene, so I avoid prolonged exposure to skin.

The smell isn’t unpleasant but my firearms smell like they’ve been marinated in the stuff for a week.