Eezox For Guns

Any comments here? I used this on my revolvers as a preservative years ago, and it filled the bill - no corrosion or rust showed up from sparse use of this expensive product. I’d like to think this is a “must” addition to my shopping list.


You are 100% right @KURT17 .
If someone really wants to take care of firearms, Eezox is the product he should have in the collection.

I’ve been using it as a lubricant and a protectant for firearms stored for a longer time.
It also works perfectly as a final finish process of every cleaning procedure. Once the firearm is cleaned and lubed I put Eezox on it and wipe with dry cloth. It gives extra antisweat protection and prevents against fingerprint marks.
I love this product…
It smells weird…

Eezox and Kroil are the only modern products I use on my shootin’ irons, although for a narrow set of circumstances, such as inundation or submersion.
I’d better stock up just in case I can find the coordinates where that boat tragically sank with all my guns :rofl:

Thanks for the info. Is this product for only the outer shell of a firearm (as a protective coating), or for lubricating the internal components as well?

If/When a gun begins to rust, where exactly are the most prone to rust parts?

What ya’ll think about “polished” firearms, such as those high shine stainless steel types of guns, pro’s and cons? Other than too much sun or light glare?

I used this for an internal protectant, and chose to lube, grease, and polish separately. I like my guns black and butt-ugly - stainless is too affable to me - the only high-shine finish I could go for is black chrome, but the last time I saw it offered as an option was years ago. I always kept my guns maintained, but rust can show up anywhere you’re dealing with humidity or salt water.

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Manufacturer advertises Eezox as CLP… but you can find better cleaners and better lubricants (even better CLPs) than Eezox. It works as lubricant. I used it for a moment to lube PPQ… but didn’t like it for this purpose. It drys out quickly.
For protection - you won’t be able to find better “finish” product. If you want your firearm looks as new all the time - Eezox does the job.
Because I’ve got plenty of Eezox, I’m also using it as long term protectant, however there are better products for this purpose.

There is a warning on the labeling that Eezox is toxic. I use it accordingly and sparingly.

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