Edc knife for self-defense

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I carried a karambit for a long time, but my son bought me a Reate Exo gravity knife which is unbeliev



I carry 2 Karambits weak side, but that is a beautiful :star_struck: knife.


Got a new EDC knife recently. Ive never held such a well put together knife before.



In that video you linked, there was a very important point being made at 4 minutes and 46 seconds (4:46) and that point was he used his knife to cut himself free so he could go for his gun.

I didn’t really like some of his technique. As it appeared to be for show rather than effect. On the arm there are 4 really good places. The interior wrist (the part about going down the highway and not across it) in knife fighting, you definitely want to go across. All of the ligaments that allow you to hold something are located there so you want to make your slice as deep as you can. As that takes whatever arm you cut out of the fight.

The next cut is a circular cut, above the elbow, you want to cut the bicep muscle on the back of the arm as that’s where they attach that. If you succeed that takes the arm out from the elbow down. Then you spiral around into the front and take another shot at the ligaments and the artery.

As you continue your attacks up the arm you want to cut the bicep at the shoulder again trying to cut the bicep where it attaches.

Any of those 3 cuts takes the arm out of the fight. If you take the arm out you can go for the 4th attack, which is a stab attack into the armpit. There is a nerve plexus in your armpit which, if hit, will drop you.

Now, me personally, I will go for one of those cuts. But only as a way to buy myself some space to go for my primary weapon. My firearm.


As a young Infantry Marine I had a platoon Sgt that told me “always carry a knife”. He didn’t mean as a weapon and suggested a Boy Scout knife or SAK. He said you’ll find use for it every day. That was quite a few years ago but I’ve carried a pocketknife everyday since then (circumstances allowing). My favorite is the Victorinox Sentinel, it’s a large SAK with the basic tools and a blade large enough that if I ever needed to use it for self defense I think it would suffice. It universally recognized and is non threatening. I pretty much do use it for something just about everyday. So thanks Sgt F from 2nd Plt. Echo Co. I still remember! S/F


When I worked for my grandfather he would ask to use my knife for something. If I didn’t have one he’d ask why I even bothered to come to work since I didn’t even get dressed! I’ve pretty much carried one every day since. I’m old enough that most of the guys carried a small folding knife to school.


When I was in school (the wheel was the hot new invention) I carried a Barlow pocket knife ( I really wanted a folding Buck knife I could wear on my belt).

My first big project in my “Shop” class was a big honking Bowie that I made for my Shop teacher. Made it from a leaf spring that the older kids, who were rebuilding a car, gave to me.


Thank you for your service!


A wise Gunny told me and a group of Marines teasing me, over my knife choice, that Doc could probably cut you up fast, deep, and often. Then bleed you out before you knew there was a knife fight. I carried a hawkbill, razor sharp Barlow folder. That blade was about the length of my index finger. It’s never about the knife, it’s more about knowing where to cut. But I do got to say I loved me that Marine K-Bar. 40 years later and I still have one.