EDC Fixed Knife

I am starting to go back to training with a knife. How many EDC a Fixed Blade and understand how to use a knife in a street threat ( not combat)? My training is a combo of my Judo and my knife training I learned in Japan. I have four basic moves for a blade. That is how I train.

What fixed blade do you EDC?

How often do you train
-Distance ( understand when is the right time to draw your blade)
-Slashing Attacks
-Using your free limbs as weapons, not just depending on your knife

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I don’t.
I do have folded knife. But probably will never use for any fight.

If threat brings the knife to the fight I’m responding with my firearm. Because I can.
If somebody wants fist fight, I’m not gonna use my knife anyway.
if I see disparity of force, my firearm is the primary weapon of choice.

I’m focusing on self defense principals:

  1. situational awareness
  2. good decision making
  3. marksmanship

I carry a large folding knife, it is very sharp and pointy but more a tool, but it can be a last ditch weapon. :us:


I carry two folding knives, one a finger flipper, the other a thumb flipper. One is in my right front pocket, the other in my left front pocket. I keep my knives honed sharp. They are also different sizes, a 2 3/4", and a 4 1/4". Depending on what I need/doing, I will use one or the other - I am fairly ambidextrous with my knives.


I see knives as an ambush weapon. I know where to place it and how to do it but, I will not encounter a head on knife fight.

  • Can that knife be considered a concealed deadly weapon and is there a blade length limitation :question:
  • under what conditions would ( you ) use that knife ) :question:

A great question!! In my state MA you can EDC 1 ½ inch. But you can own any knife in your home. I drive through multiple states carrying firearm is a no go but a knife is a good substitution. Yes i know the laws in the states i am driving.

I would use my blade as substitution where i could not carry my EDC . i am old i don’t want to only depend on my Judo when i do not have my Firearm on me


How bout a Cain like Mr. @BRUCE26 :question:last time I went to the range there was a couple at the range fighting with cains. Their plate said Bruce & Nancy and I thought, na can’t be.


Virginia does not have a blade length limit for folding pocketknives. Some localities, I believe do, but not state law, except for certain places, such as schools and courthouses. Virginia also just passed a repeal for switchblades, coming into effect July 1. It allows carry in public, but still they cannot be conceal carried. Virginia also does not allow for conceal carry of fixed blade weapons.

I mostly use mine for mundane tasks, opening boxes, bags, cutting strings, etc. I have pulled one out once, many years ago, while on vacation - the only legally allowed defensive tool I could carry, other than a tactical flashlight. The perp decided to find an easier target. That taught me to be more aware when in public - everywhere.


Great call out on the tactical flashlight.


Happy anniversary brother @Blacky


Knife restrictions, like firearms restrictions, depend upon the locale in which one lives. In CA, although I must admit I haven’t read the exact penal code section in many years, one could carry a concealed knife as long as the blade didn’t exceed four inches. One can carry a knife of any length as long as it isn’t concealed. There is a homeless guy in town that carries a rather large bowie strapped to his leg over his trousers. The local cops don’t bat an eye although I am sure when he first hit town he had a lot of semi-confrontational dialogs with local law enforcement.

Don’t take someone’s word for what the rules say. Ask them what sections apply and then look them up for yourself. In addition to working as a court reporter for 25 years, after I retired I worked as a volunteer for AARP and VISTA for seven years. I never quote statutes or tax regulations from memory. I always look up the pertinent section and read it aloud when advising someone. Leaving out one word can change the whole meaning of a regulation.

While most states reserve firearms regulations to the state legislature, I am not sure that applies to knives. Again, unless you pay a lawyer to give you all the pertinent sections of the applicable law. what some desk sergeant tells you doesn’t count. Even so, read them for yourself. Pay him to have them printed out. Also be sure to read the court rulings on those sections. The CA legislature, having watched too many samurai movies has a fetish about “ninja” weapons. One can legally own throwing knives in CA (to the best of my knowledge) but one cannot own throwing stars (fearsome weapons of ninja mass destruction). One can carry a sword in a sheath at one’s waist (ttbomk) but one cannot carry a sword cane. In fact if you are carrying a sword it had best be in a sheath otherwise you will find yourself lying prone on the ground while various l.e.o.s are pointing their personal firearm at you.

Anyone who quotes law at you should be ignored. Only a lawyer can quote law at you and only in states where he is licensed to practice law. Even then, unless he specializes in criminal defense work with a subspecialty in weapons usage, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. For example: that deadly weapon, the ninja shobi-zoe (the WHAT") is a felony to possess in CA. That’s what the statute says but if you follow the footnote referencing a CA Supremes’ decision, it is okay to possess a shobi-zoe if one uses the deadly ninja weapon of mass destruction in agricultural purposes. So if you are employing your shoji-zoe to spear gophers or moles, you are good to go. If you have it only for nefarious purposes, you are a possible felon or if you have one just because you think it looks cool, you could be a felon. Again, don’t take law from me, look it up yourself. I only found that particular penal code section by accident while I was looking for another section. I didn’t even know what a shobi-zoe was until looking up the definition, I found that I had possessed a weapon that was a felony for about 20+ years without knowing it. Luckily I had mine as a gopher probe and so according to the CA Supremes I was home safe. Remember everyone is guilty of three felonies a day if the prosecutor wants to spend enough time looking through code sections.


Cane fighting is like stick fighting. A cane, in my opinion is a valid defense weapon and the best part of it is it can be carried anywhere. You can board a plane with it. In fact, if you are using a cane, you get preferential boarding. You can walk into a federal courthouse with it. At my age, I carry a cane everywhere. It is one of my prime defense weapons. I carry a Ka-Bar defense cane. It is solid black and doesn’t look out of the ordinary. However, it is made of heavy duty aircraft aluminum. I took an inch and a half off it when I got it and it took me a full 20 minutes to cut through the cane with a hand hacksaw. It isn’t solid, but it is the heaviest cane I have found and I have a fair collection of canes. There are books on line about cane fighting. Some are free and some one must pay for. I have some ideas on cane fighting from having carried the cane for almost 10 years now. I won’t discuss them here because I don’t feel I am expert enough to do something like that. Practice strokes with your cane. I think if I whacked some dude on the side of his knee with my aluminum cane, he would remember not to hassle old dudes with canes for a long time. I think if I whacked you on your brain bucket you would certainly see stars, especially at night because you would be supine on the ground hopefully looking up and not down into the doggie doo that was on the pavement. Although a heavy strike to the head is certainly a deterrent, I feel a strike to the side of the neck, hitting the carotid nerve would be more effective. I got hit on the back of the neck with the tip of a swagger stick when in boot camp and it paralyzed me for an instant. I almost hit the deck. Scared the s _ _ t out of the DI too. He saw his gunny stripes, fifteen years in the USMC and Silver Star circling the toilet on the way to the sewer. The neck is a very good target. Another strike I learned that one would not ordinarily think of is the outside of the thigh. Apparently there is a rather large nerve that runs fairly shallow in the mid-thigh region. A strike there can paralyze that nerve causing the recipient to fall to the ground. That’s why you see Muy Thai fighters kicking that portion of the leg. I always wondered about that particular tactic. I recently read an article that described the theory behind that maneuver. A strike to the kidney on the right side, slightly to the rear will drop an opponent. I once saw a video of a guy getting punched there from behind. He dropped like a stone. Unfortunately for the guy doing the striking the victim died either from the fall or the blow. I don’t remember which now. Anyway, some ideas on a cane. If you get one, be slow about trimming it. You can always trim it but it is hard as heck to glue the piece back on after you have trimmed it. A longer cane gives you more reach but is harder to maneuver. Also if you are wielding it indoors, a longer cane is liable to hit stuff you didn’t intend to hit, causing you to miss your strike or throw it off target. Practice striking with the cane indoors and out and see if you should trim it. But, go slowly on trimming. Having trimmed my Ka-Bar cane, I sometimes feel I was a bit hasty and I would not be so swift to trim it were I to get it today. I have seriously considered acquiring another just so I have the longer one on hand.
Besides roundhouse strikes, there are also jabs with the end of the cane. Even though you have a rubber tip on the end, that rubber tip gets very hard with age and usage and it is like getting hit with the unprotected end of the cane. Using two hands to add impetus to the blow is like striking with your fist screwed up into the smallest fist you can make times two.