Dummy Rounds: Less Ammo, More Training From ST Action | USCCA

There is no doubt that we are experiencing an ammo shortage of historic proportions — one that makes the ammo shortages of the Obama and Clinton eras pale in comparison. I don’t think anyone could have conceived of the extent an ammo shortage could reach. But that doesn’t mean the range is out of the question.

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I like the A-ZOOM snap caps because the entire “cartridge” is a hard anodized aluminum in either red or blue. I keep one chambered in pistols and rifles I dry fire daily - the firearms are kept in a locked safe. I can do a press check and if I see a red or blue cartridge that confirms the firearm is not loaded with live ammo prior to dry firing. Note: I also drop and inspect the magazine prior to dry firing.

image image image

You get the red ones if you purchase the smaller quantity package and blue ones in the higher quantity package.

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I like the color difference, too.
I had some empty brass dummy rounds some years back, and there was an occasion where a LEO got really jittery. Luckily he had a senior LEO there to laugh at him, but things could have gone sideways.

Kind of like toy guns, today. We used to play with realistic toy guns, but after a few kids got shot, we realized that toys shouldn’t look like the real thing.


Just like the article said, the red or blue A-ZOOMs as well as the ST Actions are easy to see on the ground if you manually eject them emulating a FTF in the middle of a magazine at the range. However, the author’s choice from ST Action don’t look like they could be identified with a press check. The ST Action looks like this:


I also like A-Zoom snap caps. The ones I use are maroon in color and can be easily discerned from live rounds.

The thing is, they cost about 3 bucks each, much more expensive than real ammo, even considering the shortage. Clearing using tap-rack-bang will often result in my snap cap rounds being ejected down range where I cannot retrieve them.

I am very enthusiastic about using snap caps for dry fire training. I was never very accurate until I started trying to keep the pistol still while pressing the trigger. Dry fire taught me this.

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