Has anyone found higher quality snap-caps than A-Zoom for centerfires, or Carlson for rimfires? Snap-caps are a MUST for revolvers with hammer-mounted firing pins - S & W, for example - but their .22s function only as dummy rounds, which is why I mention Carlson. I’ve seen caps from another maker - Steelworx - and they look like the best ones out there.

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I don’t know if these are better, but I’ve been using them for last few years:
ST Action Pro

For my .22LR I’m using the less expensive available at the moment. I got Carlson Alu, but these also became unusable after few months like every rimfire snapcap. Plastic ones got perhaps shorter life… but price is much better.

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I been using →
Tipton Pistol and Revolver Snap Caps with False Primer, Reusable Construction, in Various Calibers for Dry-Firing, Practice and Safe Firearm Storage

and I love them

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Also checkout A-ZOOM STRIKERCAPS of you dont want to poping out!

I switched from the Tipton to the ST Action Pro. I like the metal case on the ST Actin Pro better because of the wear factor.

I sometimes have my son load my mag at the range with the dummy round inserted randomly. I get to practice clearing without anticipating which round it is. The dummy round ends up flying around in the range.

The Tiptons were fine, but they did get beat up after a while.

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ST are durable, that’s why I’m not looking for anything else.

The Level 3 failure training dummy rounds are a great training investment also.

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I honestly don’t remember the brand of snap caps that I bought last time ( They seem to disappear over the years). I’ve managed to hang on to enough of my current caps so I haven’t purchased new ones in 7 or 8 years which begs the question; Do they wear out? It doesn’t appear they do to me.

nope. they don’t.
However I don’t like plastic ones with empty space inside, these can brake with first chambering.

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It is important to note that “snap caps” and “dummy rounds” are not the same. In the simplest terms, the former is built for dry firing whereas the latter are used primarily by gunsmiths as action proving rounds; they will be damaged, ruined by use in dry fire. Before making a purchase, read the fine print.

IMHO, it is probably best not to use anything that looks like live rounds such as the Steelworx product when training new shooters. Confusion factor/distraction. That is why I prefer A-Zoom for centerfire and the orange rounds for rimfire. As noted in another post, the orange rounds need to be replaced after a few sessions; for safety reasons the cost is justified.

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THX for the info on ST Action snap-caps - their open packaging beats the others with shipping costs going up.

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FYI to all you .22 fans - to date only Carlson makes snapcaps for rimfires - all the rest to my knowledge are only dummies for function checks - if you dry-fire dummies, you’ll beat hell out of the rims, rendering them useless.

Pachmayer makes .22 snap caps.

Here is an interesting alternative:

.22 - Bing video snap caps&shtp=GetUrl&shid=4e14061e-fc6b-42de-9e3c-0b8ffb7cbff8&shtk=Q2hlYXAgMjJMUiBTbmFwIENhcCBBbHRlcm5hdGl2ZQ%3D%3D&shdk=QW4gYWZmb3JkYWJsZSB3YXkgdG8gZHJ5IGZpcmUgeW91ciAyMiByaW1maXJlIGd1bnMuIEluc3RlYWQgb2Ygc3BlbmRpbmcgJDE1IGZvciBhIGhhbmRmdWwgb2Ygc25hcCBjYXBzLCB5b3UgY2FuIHNwZW5kICQyIGZvciAxMDAgb2YgdGhlc2UuIERyeXdhbGwgYW5jaG9yIHNpemU6ICM0LTYgeCA3LzhcIg%3D%3D&shhk=7PqD2enG86np3A0zFG7XiuZ5LZvNq7%2FXrVi%2FRvIh7%2Bs%3D&form=VDSHOT&shth=OVP.WWXyZL55R1Ev6AFB_3whJQHgFo

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@Mike270 - are these plastic or rubber?

Solid rubber/plastic miracle stuff

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I think I will go for Crown Bolt version… Looks awesome and incredibly cheap. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Thx for the link.



Huh, never thought of that. How are they working for you?

They work great.

Do you know the hardware SAE sizes for the popular calibers?