10mm Snap Caps?

Hello folks, anyone able to recommend a Brand of 10mm practice round for my 1911? Due to my ammo shortage and still looking at 4 more weeks of recovery after surgery, I could at least practice indoors.
Oh and it wasn’t cancer, I’m so grateful :raised_hands::prayer_beads::muscle: and, 2 yrs ago almost to the day I was victorious over Melanoma - no chemo was needed but it was close.
I want to practice so bad, TY in advance for any advice on good brands, peace


For action proving and dry fire practice I am a fan of A-Zoom (by Pachmayr I think) these are solid metal, dark red in pistol and blue in rifle. They have a rubbery kind of primer which protects your FP if you are worried about that. The clear red plastic ones with the spring inside will break on repeated chamberings. The bright orange all plastic/polysomething are handy low cost variants that last fairly well in pistols and are a sight cheaper if you are doing live action FTF drills and may loose one in the COF. IMHO 1911 platforms were MADE to dry fire with nothing in the chamber hence the FP return spring.

Dryfiring on an empty chamber is a big myth that still hangs around since the turn of the century (1900) when it was actually a thing. Since the advent of the floating FP, transfer bars (revolvers) and cock on close rifles the actual need for a dummy round has gone away. Some 22’s and shotguns are still subject to this but most were mfd before 1960 ish. The root of the myth is from when revolvers and shotguns (primarily) had an actual point welded to the hammer to hit the primer. If the “Point” did not hit a primer and stop it could penetrate too deeply into the frame and snap off. Hammered shotguns had the same issue but even if they had the cup and button ignition system a dirty gun could cause the FP to catch and when the gun was opened (double/single bbl) the brass case would snap off the exposed FP.

Congrats on what ever your medical issues are, not CA is a blessing but regular old bad stuff is still a challenge.




TY so much!

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If you have trouble finding 10mm snap caps, you should be able to use 40 cal S&W snap caps. Since the gun is cycling from your hand power and not gun powder, you don’t have to worry about it misfiring or short stroking. It will feed just fine and will be much easier to find.


@John77 nailed it, 40 s&w is probably a lot easier to find and will work in your 10mm.


Thank God for no cancer and the victory for your health


@Bruno Has .40 cal snap caps by A-zoom. 10 for $25.00. I didn’t check any other brands :us:.




Check out at CheaperthanDirt!

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i am not shopping at Cheaperthandirt at the moment. i understand everyone has to eat but when things first hit the fan, they was the first that i realized to raise prices sky high. i might start back shopping with them later in life but just not now.


I know this is an old thread, but I just ran across these:

AmazonSmile : A-ZOOM 10-mm Auto Precision Snap Caps (5 Pack) : Gun Ammunition And Magazine Pouches : Sports & Outdoors

I’ve been using 40 S&W snap caps with no issues in my 10mm, but might invest in these sometime in the future.