Brand New HK USP 9mm

Would you think it’s necessary to use snap caps while dry firing a new HK USP being that they’re made so we’ll?

Snap caps can be used for other types of training, too, such as failure to fire (FTF) drills while at the range. Insert one or more randomly in your mags, so you do not know which round the FTF will occur. They are not expensive, so I feel you should incorporate them into your training, whether or not dry-fire would hurt your firearm (it shouldn’t).


Using snap caps can’t hurt. Excessive dry firing practice might or might not. I would suggest that using Snap Caps is more preventitive. Is it new or used? HK changed their firing pin a number of years ago to reduce damage to the firing pin from dry fire. If you are going to practice 100’s-1000’s of trigger pulls dry firing, I would use a snap cap regardless of brand.


Exactly, I like snap caps for gun maintenance and training. I can make sure things are cycling (might be overkill for handguns). I also like training with them because I can train and ensure my reloads are good. I did some training a couple of weeks ago and during a drill my hand slipped and the round didn’t chamber. I screwed up and I was able to visually see it. I also like it for practicing “tactical reloads” (topping off of you have a break in a fight). It’s a really good training tool. It’s also a Safe way of teaching newbies fire arm safety rules and operation. If you’re just going to practice drawing and shoot for a short period of time they are not necessary. If you are going to be racking the slide a couple hundred times, like Scott said, I’d get them because it certainly helps if it doesn’t hurt. If you are going to be doing dry fire for extended periods of time, I definitely would use them.

I would pick some up just as a training tool. Like Dave said, As you continue, you will also find more uses for them. They are not necessary if things are tight for you right now though. (I know how that is). I just wouldn’t excessively dry fire without them.


I second @Scotty’s opinion.
It doesn’t hurt to use snapcap. Even the firearm’s parts are better and better, if you don’t check every piece of handgun frequently for failures, the best practice is to use the closest working environment - which means “pin hits something in the chamber, not empty space”.


Ok then! Better safe then sorry. I’ll be sure to use them, thanks!

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Beside snapcaps, buy laser cartridge as well. The same protection for pin, and you can practice accuracy :slight_smile:

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