Dropping off kids at school on my way to (anywhere)?

I’m certain this has been asked and answered 100 times, so I apologize for being redundant. As I put my pants on this morning I remembered I had to drop some kids off at school, in the parking lot. First I tried to remember exactly how the law applies in this situation, then I decided I don’t know enough and left my EDC at home. Can anyone help to clarify this for me? I am not exiting the vehicle, but does it matter? If I can’t carry it on me in the car, can I store it in a safe in the car with the magazine elsewhere and still be within the law? I am in Wisconsin if that matters.

Thank you everyone!


It’s a state law issue. Check the laws site for your state on uscca.


I live in WI, The law states you can have it on you if you do not exit the vehicle. :+1:
If you exit the vehicle your firearm must remain locked in the vehicle in the parking lot.


Good call on leaving the EDC at home for school drop off in Wisconsin, @Derrick :

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Wisconsin laws can be found here:


@Derrick If you want to clarify the wording of the law call your local Sheriff or City Police Chief, that is what I did. We have a different Sheriff now but I don’t think the definition has changed.
It also matters if you are dropping off on a public street and not a school parking lot.


I’m in WI as well. You cannot possess on school property including school administration buildings, maintenance facilities and any other property controlled by a school. There’s an exception with accessing hunting grounds. Legislation to exempt CCW permit holders during activities such a parent pick up and drop off while remaining in a vehicle was killed with the changing of the guard between Walker and Evers.

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Now that’s disappointing. Thank you for the information.

Do the Wi statutes allow the gun to be in a lock box, with the gun not loaded, but with a loaded magazine in the same lock box? It is not clear to me. See 948.605.2.3. Maybe I’m stretching things a bit here. :wink:

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Hi Kevin1776. It weighed on my mind too, wondering if I was conducting myself within my own states legal parameters; So I appreciate these questions, and plan to read up on the laws in IL, where I usually am in. In particular, when on rare occasion, I might have to leave my vehicle but need to lock my firearm in the safe (in the vehicle).

On a funny note, what actually caught my attention to you though at first was the logo which you used. Not many know what is stands for, so I was just wondering what your thoughts were on Baretta’s? In particular, if you just happened to know by chance anything about the APX Centurion, which I’m interested in. Thank you.

Hi @Burdo – I don’t know much about the APX Centurion. My 30-yr-old son has the older Beretta PX4 Storm and I have fired that a few times. A little bigger than the APX and hammer fired vs striker. The Storm seemed pretty accurate when at the range, but I only shot maybe 30 rounds through it. As for my own Beretta pistols, I have two of the 92x Centurions which I like a lot. But it’s a tad big for CC, at least for me. I use a Springfield Armory XDE 45 for that. But the Beretta is my favorite at the range.

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Thanks again Kevin1776. So many to choose from. I ordered an APX Centurion 9mm. Would be my first semi-auto, as my very first was a revolver - Fall of 2019. If I need to go smaller for even easier conceal, I was hoping to find a .380 but in 10 rnd capacity if there are any. Very best to you and yours kind Sir.