Concealed carry at bus stop

I live in Montana. I’ve been concealed carrying for about a year now. My daughter started preschool this year. I’m wondering about carrying while waiting with her at the bus stop. Is it considered school property? Am I breaking the law by standing there with her while armed?

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I would automatically state no law is being violated, however, each state is different.

Regarding the Constitution, there is no violation except by the state imposing legislation that is not authorized by the Constitution. So, your local laws will have an impact on whether you can have your firearm at the bus stop, though it is not a school and local laws cover your being within a certain distance of a school with your firearm… even as most of those laws are not authorized under the Constitution.

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Welcome to the Community, @Anthony38!

Where is the bus stop? Does your area allow carry on school grounds?

I would suggest asking your local law enforcement or an attorney who does self-defense law for their suggestions.

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Welcome @Anthony38 to the community. You need to check
Your state law but, assuming you are not on school property, standing on a corner waiting for a bus should not be illegal.

By California law… in 1995 California established no guns exclusion zones 1/4 mile radius centered on a school public or private. There had been a loop hole in which Superintendents could issue individual permits. However, 2018 CA legislature closed this exception. How this played vs Home Owner’s Rights within the Home is unknown to me. One could see, with a map, how quickly an entire city could become an exclusion area based upon overlapping zones of influence.