Watch the school zones

interesting article but, even if he was within 1000 feet of a school it didn’t really matter because he was a felon with a gun


That’s one of the top reasons I went for my license, there are just too many schools! Too many “gun free zones”.
Before we know it he’ll declare the United States a “gun free zone”.
He won’t have to ban a thing!
I hope I’m right in thinking, he’s playing a game he can’t win.
Maybe we are his Kobayashi Maru.


Keep in mind, some states (like California) have laws that even with a permit, you can’t go onto school grounds or near them. So, before you assume your permit will cover you, check the local laws governing permits. Even in California, the law got changed before many people’s renewals came up and they could have been arrested had they been caught. Never assume anything…always check the laws in your area!!! Can’t stress that enough!


In Utah it’s pretty much IN the building…

76-10-505.5. Possession of a dangerous weapon, firearm, or short barreled shotgun on or about school premises – Penalties.

(1) As used in this section, “on or about school premises” means:

(a) (i) in a public or private elementary or secondary school; or

(ii) on the grounds of any of those schools;

(b) (i) in a public or private institution of higher education; or

(ii) on the grounds of a public or private institution of higher education; and

(iii) (A) inside the building where a preschool or child care is being held, if the entire building is being used for the operation of the preschool or child care; or

(B) if only a portion of a building is being used to operate a preschool or child care, in that room or rooms where the preschool or child care operation is being held.


Are the road(s) that run along the schools, that have yellow warning lights and speed limits of 15 mph at 3:00p considered actual school zones?
They are not on school property nor the entrance to the school.


I don’t think so here, in fact I’m not certain that the school parking lots are considered “schools”.


Lawyer speak for anywhere on the planet! If they so decree.


And they get away with writing these vague catch all laws.


Including, allegedly, appears to be and now the infamous foreign object!


If they are within a 1000 feet they are

they get away with it because ‘we the people’ let them. remember the days when you could walk through the parking lot of my high school and tell who had been hunting right before school or who was going after school. YMMV I grew up in a rural area.


I’m jealous!