Concealed carry while driving past a school

New CCW permit holder here (as of April 2021).
So my question is whether people drive out of their way in order to stay outside the 1000 foot range of a school while traveling from point A to point B.

Do you drive on the street that passes alongside the college? I imagine of you were stopped for some traffic violation and pulled over on that strett you’d be in trouble… Would you instead acknowledge the police car and continue driving until you were likely outside the 1000 foot range?



I guess it’s according to what state you’re in. Here in MS your private vehicle is considered an extension of your home so that doesn’t even come into play. I am sure many of those parents you see around here lined up to pick their kids up from school has a weapon with them.


Same in NM, an extension of your home. You don’t even need a CCW to carry concealed in your car.

As for being on school grounds, you can have your firearm in your car, but you cannot take it outside the car, nor can you leave it in your car if you exit. A screwed up law, for sure.


Where are you? :us:


I’m in California

(I’ll remember to include that in future posts!)


I think you’re ok driving by (but I am SO not a lawyer), but I did hear of a case where someone got pulled over, he pulled into a school, and then got a felony charge for carrying on school property. I don’t know what to do if you’re getting pulled over in front of a school — it seems like a big risk to keep driving.

In the state colleges in my state, you can carry in your car in the parking lot, so some carry while driving, then lock their guns in their cars.


You’re good as long as you stay off school property. No 1000’ rule.

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Thank you for the input Josh, much appreciated!

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