Ccw and schools

i live in Cali, and i have my CCW, i pick up my grandkids at an elementary school and i’ve checked few places, and its all confusing… can i carry on the school grounds or not. when i’m talking about carrying i’m referring to someone legal to carry with permit/CCW. for me if you don’t have that your illegal to carry period. so carry on schoolgrounds/area a yes or no…(Conceal carry).

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According to the USCCA Link to California laws, NO you may not carry a loaded firearm concealed or otherwise onto school grounds.

“although unloaded handguns in locked containers or within the locked trunk of a motor vehicle are allowed [however California license holders can carry off school property but within school zones (within a distance of 1,000 feet from the grounds of the public or private school)]”

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Also, if you park and leave your car, adjacent parking may be counted as “school grounds”, and you may not be allowed to leave/have any weapon in that car.


Quite sure that’s a big felonious no.

With a CCW in CA, your graciously allowed to drive or walk past a school, or be within 1000’ of one, but not into it in any manner while carrying - unless gun is unloaded and locked in the trunk or secure box, even with your CCW.

Without CCW even being within 1000’ of a school is a big no.