Indiana and Guns near Schools

I live in Indiana. The route I like to walk takes me by a school. If I stay on the street am I good to carry or is there some distance needed to be maintain from the property line? There’s not a lot of roads in the area unless I want to walk a busy highway.


As I’m sure others will say, check your state and local statues on this matter.


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Last time I checked there was a federal law saying you aren’t allowed to posses a firearm within 1000’ of school property unless you have a State carry license that allows you to carry through those zones or it is unloaded and properly secured. Think that means in trunk or locked case.

If you have an Indiana carry license you are likely OK if you stay off of school grounds but should check local listings to confirm.


I think it depends on the town that you live in. It wouldn’t hurt to check with your local authorities. I live in Indiana also,and as far as I can tell, if you have a concealed carry license you just need to stay off school ground. If no license there’s a 1000 ft buffer zone. However it would be wise to check with your local authorities. Because the bigger cities have special criminal protection laws (Indy, South Bend, Gary). I have the Gun Owners Bill of Rights on my phone, but it’s in Legalese.


Shamrock said it the way my state is. Ccw you can go by a school, just can’t enter the physical grounds. Constitutional carry with no ccw you maintain 1,000’. USCCA did a video, the Constitutional Carry trap, good thing to watch. So in my case having a carry permit is almost a necessity. I can barely leave my neighborhood without going by a school. But as was said, got to know your local laws.


Relevant places off limits in IN

The linked state statutes refers to “school property”


This a discussion we have had on here many times and there is a booby trap to it now with Constitutional Carry in over 50% of the states. Which is having a firearm within 1000’ of a school

Indiana is a Constitutional Carry state, so some are not getting a Concealed Carry License. Which could lead to issues about that 1,000 ft area surrounding a school.


I have a concealed carry license and I’ll renew it every 5 years. Although I live in the country, there’s small towns all around us. Like Robert 1025 said I can’t get out of my area without passing by a school. But not just that with a CCL any arresting LEO will know that I’ve had a background check and fingerprinted. Although a CCL is not tied to a driver’s license in Indiana I would be honest about carrying if asked by a LEO. Besides I feel better carrying with a license.


Thanks for the replies; sounds like when I get my license I’ll be fine.

@Eugene49 A CCL is tied to a license in Indiana. I listen to my local police on the scanner and when ever a ID gets ran the dispatcher alerts if they have a CCL or an application in process.

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Thanks for the correction, it does make sense that it would be.

If I’m walking on a street or public sidewalk, I wouldn’t sweat it. That’s my personal opinion, not a legal opinion. Police have no reason to stop you if you’re simply walking by. If you stop and stare at the playground on a routine basis, that’s a different story. Either way, I don’t believe a road or sidewalk outside a school is considered school property.

The relevant code you’re looking for is IC 35-47-9 Chapter 9. Possession of Firearms on School Property and School Buses.
IGA | 2023 Indiana Code

The Gun Free School Zone Act is the federal law you’re asking about, and it’s a complicated mess. Go figure that Congress couldn’t figure out a straightforward law, huh? If by some strange chance you’re stopped while simply walking by a school and you’re charged with violating the GFSZA, having a state-issues license might help your case. It might not. I know that I’ve been warned that my LEOSA doesn’t count. Again, though, I don’t expect to be randomly pulled over while driving by a school.

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