Dog Pics

Hi everyone!!

I’m at a complete loss as to where to post things so please bear with me!!

Here’s my Nasset Hound Henry!! Love of my life :heart:

I’m disgustingly excited to get my permit (class is 01/06) and then it’s time to figure out the right gun….

Open to suggestions!!


Nice dog… and nice view. :metal:

I think you have just opened “Pandora’s box” asking for suggestions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
You will hopefully figure it out during the class. Without trying the firearm you never find which one is best for you.
Remember - it is not about how it looks, it is about how it shoots in your hands and securely sits in your holster.
Good luck! :crossed_fingers:


Guns are tools for safety. I would suggest the tool that will make you feel and be the safest you can be is the one to get.


Try the tools before you buy. Most ranges have rentals you can try very reasonably.

Hershel and Hank, my guys


Suggestions? OK since you asked. I’ve been around firearms my entire life. I carried a side arm when I was a kid pushing cows around the Uintahs. When it came to “Concealed Carry” I actually knew nothing, So I found, quite by accident a lady my wife worked with that is, well, in my mind, an expert at it. She talked/walked me through different firearms and different methods of concealed carry. I call her my Firearms Mentor. So my suggestion, find someone you can trust, that has some experience at it buy a lot of cups of coffee and ask a bazillion questions.


Welcome! How proficient are you with a firearm? My wife carries a Lady Smith (5 shot lightweight .38 special revolver).


My wife’s pistol is pink. She says she has to look good even when drawing a weapon. :rofl:


Welcome! This is the most fun part of the journey. I mean who doesn’t love shopping! This is my 10 yo puppy, Taarna. Other than my son, she is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.


Freakin adorable!!

There’s nothing better than a dogs love :heart:

I’d much rather be single with my Henry than deal with some of these “men” out there……

Last time I was in a date - about a month went by and I was looking to purchase a vehicle - well, I saw a yard sale sign and it’d had been a sin if I didn’t stop and look.

When I got back to the “gentleman’s” house - he asked me who I knew on such and such road claiming he’d had me followed

I’m good for awhile - good grief


My go to is a Glock 35mm but I’ve never shot one before (I know - gasp) - When I signed up, the gentleman who walked me through everything said the class I’m attending has revolvers I can borrow.

I like rifles too but they aren’t very conspicuous LOL!


So cute!!! Loving the names! And thank you for your advice!


That would be amazing!! Yet aside from the 5.0i don’t know 1 person that carries- maybe the class will open up new avenues


Hahahahaha!!! I had a 9mm pink camouflage when I lived in TN! It was bad ass!

Love your wife already!


I’m a mean shot and I think safety is basic common sense. I’m certainly not afraid it admit it here in our community but I still hesitate when I’m handling a gun so until that changes- I’m not going to pick one up unless supervised.

Other than that, I’m happy to pick up jis about anything depending on the weight.


You have a Glock 35 - .40 cals can be a bit stout on the recoil. If you can handle that, I believe just about any other handgun won’t be a problem. Go to a gun store and just handle a number of them first, to see which fit your hand well, and the size, grip, and weight. Don’t worry about caliber yet. There are numerous threads here on the “Caliber Wars”, so there’s lots of opinions on that, too. Go to a range where you can rent them and try them out.

We have a number of women on this forum, too. So, hopefully they will chime in, too, such as @Wanda3. There are numerous opinions on how and what to carry, but ultimately, it is what works for you that matters. Our mantra here, is practice, practice, practice, and make it fun!

Firearms are like holsters, you will likely go through at least a few before you find the “right” one. Then you are likely to buy at least a few more. :sunglasses:


You forgot the Bersa. :wink:

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Boy, that can be so many things.
They are either stealing luggage at the airport or celebrating 365 days of womanhood sippin’ a Bud Lite. :grinning:
So a G35, long slide full frame. You pretty much are going to need to rent some pistols to find what you will be comfortable with, especially to carry.
Good luck with your journey. :sunglasses:


Btw, you can get ideas of what to look at but, please try before you buy. Best advice is what I did. Turned my wife over to Kristy at the gun shop. I can’t tell a somewhat she would like, only ideas to try. When my wife walks off with Kristy I grab for the wallet. Try to find a woman who carries, not just has a permit, but carries. She would be your best bet.

My wife runs a shield, sig 365, 327 federal in Ruger, and a Kimber 9 at the fun shoots



I’m guessing it’s G35 in caliber .40… not 35mm :wink:
Do not trust what others say. Have the gun in your hand and shoot it. Test different manufacturers and platforms. Remember that each handgun / revolver feels different and shoots differently. Choose what seems to be best for you in your opinion, not what feels good for others.

BTW. I do not own the dog… so I’m out from this thread. :upside_down_face:

Good luck!